Limit Switches on Windows 10

The limit switches show they work in Machine Inspector, but when I try to use the homing setup it runs the x axis one and hits the limit switch and just keeps trying to go past it. I have no idea on how to fix it. Can anyone help me. Here are before and after pictures of the Machine Inspector showing the switches are not always on. but go on when pressed.

Does the machine make contact with the switch, or is is crashing before it reaches the switch?

It makes contact with the switch but keeps going. I have even bent out the switch slightly to make sure it makes contact.

Does the Z axis home correctly first?
Any chance you mixed up motor connections or switch connections?

it starts with the X-Axis first on mine.

You probably have X and Z motors mixed up at the connectors.
Z (up/down) goes first…always.

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I will have to check in a few mins, I am having dinner right now. I don’t believe they are mixed up, but they could be. Thanks for that.

I do. The machine “thinks” it’s lifting the Z, but it’s really moving the X. It is expecting the Z switch to get triggered which doesn’t happen.
The Z always homes first.
Good luck!


@JeremyTerrazas Any luck?

X for Z mix-up for sure.

Homing sequence is:

  • Raise Z, hit switch once and pull off 1mm, then hit switch for the 2nd time
  • If registered, X/Y will follow in unison, tapping twice.
  • If Z isnt tapped twice the machine will halt, throwing an error.

I’d start it moving and the try tripping the switches in sequence until the machine quits moving. If no switch will stop it, you have wiring problems.

im having a similar problem with my 3018 prover. it does the homing sequence correctly starting with the z then proceeds to the x and y. however when the x activates the limit switch, the machine continues to run and it does not activate. the switch is lighting up blue but no response from the machine.

@RickyHorrell Check the wiring on your x switch? What sender (software to control the machine) are you using?

I’m running it in easle.

Open the machine inspector and check the switch status indicators. If you press the X switch with your hand, does it show as pressed?

I’m having the same issue only Z homes correctly. As X and Y move in unison, it hits the switch and keeps going. I’ve verified wiring as well as machine inspector. I am also running windows 10 but doesn’t sound like an operating system error. Frustrating.

ive checked in machine inspector, the switch on the right (facing the machine) is detected when activated but the one on the left is not. it lights up blue at the switch but is not detected by the inspector

You have limit switches on both sides of the X axis? Which direction does it home?

when i run homing it does the z correctly then the table moves to the back and the spindle moves to the left. that is the limit switch that is not responding or is recognized by machine inspector.

What’s that switch connected to at the board?