Live Event: Easel Toolpath Improvements

Join us live Monday (5/3) @ 1:00 pm CST as we announce some new features and product improvements for Easel!

If you’ve got questions beforehand, specific to toolpaths, be sure and leave them as a reply in this forum post!

Check out the event here!

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Could we make tiling feature work on the xaxis as well?

Why is the feed rate override not available any more?

Hi Deborah, thank you for the comment. Feed rate override is still a feature available to all users (free and pro).

Please make sure you have the latest version of the Easel Drivers as well as the most current version of GRBL. There is more info at the top of this thread: Feed rate override available for all Easel users and if you still encounter issues please reach out to our support they would be more than happy to help. Thanks!

can we add points to a shape already created, issue I’m running into is I want to make one part of the project thinner than another part (paddle handle)?

Hi Aaron, currently it it not possible to add points (nodes) to a polyline in Easel. This is definitely on our radar for upcoming releases. In the meantime, a workaround that I like to use is to add a bunch of extra points when creating geometry. This way I can go in and delete ones which I do not need once I have the space finished.

When will X-Carve pro be supported in Easel ?

Great additions to the software !! Since when do you guys offer 24/7 support?

I don’t see the plunge cut options in the cut settings. How do I know if my software is up to date? Thanks!

Hey, so, I spent about 8 hours on Zoom calls today and I really don’t want to sit through any more.

Could we maybe get just a simple, concise, bulleted list of the new features?

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It’s rolling out this week as pre-order customers are getting the first units!

  • Optimized tool paths can save hours on carves (especially with lots of movements between cuts)
  • Rapid retract is added so the speed isn’t set to your plunge rate
  • Ability to define an origin safety height vs standard safety height (lets you clear clamps, work holding but still have a smaller safety height during the carve to save time).
  • Ramping ability added to plunge cuts
  • New simulation features including bit visualization and ability to turn on/off material and toolpaths.
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We might have misspoke during the live stream our phone/email support is:

Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm CT | Sun: 12-4pm CT.

But if you email us on the weekend you’ll be in the cue for our team to get back with you on Monday!

Also here is a link to a forum post with all the videos that give a quick overview of the features we talked about during our live event. @JosephStevens this is a quick overview…and hopefully won’t give too much Zoom fatigue :wink:

Hi Wade, we will be releasing the ramping into Beta soon, stay tuned :slight_smile:

Thank you sir! I appreciate it

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