Longest Cut Times

What is the longest time yall have let your machines cut straight?
This one will be at 8.5 hours.

Also, say I’m 4 hours into the detail pass and I want to insert a fresh 30* bit. How would I go about doing that without messing up the zeros?

I do not think you can change bits like you are wanting to do without zeroing the z axes. What i would do is cover half the drawing with a blank set it to zero and let it carve halve of it. Then when it is done and returns to work zero be carefull change the bit reset the z axes and uncover the half you did not carve and cover the half you did carve and start again. May not be the simpliest way but it should save your xyz home and let you change the bit halfway thru. I would also think if you start with a new bit you should not have any trouble carving the whole thing.

Soooo I’m going to sound dumb, but what do you mean by cover half of the drawing :sweat_smile:

Go up to the left hand corner where the square and circle star and triangle are at. Click on that and then click on the square. After it loads make the square as large as you want to cover as much of the carving you want. Then set the depth of cut to zero so it will not cut anything. You can move the square you made around where ever you want it. Just be sure it is set to zero so it will not cut.


There is no way in the world that should take 8.5 hours.
That should take maybe 30 minutes tops.
You should be able to do the complete carve with one bit.
Here is a 3D one that I did just yesterday and it took 2.25 hours.
7" diameter.
.02 tapered ball nose with a .005 step over 100 IMP

Forgive the roughness as it’s still in the finishing process, but you get the idea.


Well if you have any idea on how to reduce that cut time I’m all ears? I’m just going off what simulation says. I have the 10pc starter bit set, a 60* and a 30* bit.

I don’t know anything about easel, but I quickly recreated your design in Vectric desktop.
I used the material size that you show (13.5 X 12)
The font is not the same as yours, but close enough to calculate timing.
Attached are the parameters.
Total carve time is 30 minutes.

How in the he** is the carve time only 30mins on that, and hours on Easel. Every day I feel like I find other programs that are far superior than Easel.

Like I said, I don’t know anything about Easel.
Try inputting my parameters and see what happens.
Vectric is worth every penny. (and you are not tied to the internet in any way)
Just my .02

You can download a full version of Vectric software to try it out.
The only thing you won’t be able to do is run tool paths.
But at least you can find out if its for you or not.

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Jan do you use Picsender?

Yes I do.

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I’m going to play around with the free trial and see how it goes. Thank you!

I bought VCavre so now I need to get Picsender :slightly_smiling_face:

So after 2.5 long hours of cutting, the simulation is what it was suppose to look like. And this is how it turned out. :unamused:

Some fine-tuning on Z-zero the V-bit as most do have some degree of a “flat spot”.
Uneven material height can give similar symptoms.

See image below on how that spot translate into wider path for same depth.
(Left bit is with infinite fine point, middle is with Z0 offset the Z-difference between infinite/actual tip, right show effect when bit (flat spot) is zeroed off the material, it goes the depth commanded but width is excaggerated because the bit geometry go deeper that calculated.

Jan is your machine an x Carve?
If so I would like to know how you are getting 100 in/min plunge travel?
The default limits are about 20 in/min for plunge. I realize that with the aftermarket Z options that could be increased but would not expect that much increase.
I re-set my limits increasing them 50% and have had good luck with that for almost 2 years on stock Z.That only gives me 30 in/min plunge.
With 3d and V carving the Z travel (plunge) is a very limiting factor that increases carve time.

And default accelleration value of Z-axis :slight_smile:

Yes, I do have the X carve.
I also have the cnc4newbie Z axis.
Depending what I am cutting, I will change the plunge rate as necessary.
The cutter shown in my screen shot can easily handle the higher rate.
To be honest, I have never measured the plunge rate.
I only know that I can speed it up or slow it down as needed and difference very noticable in cut times.
You’re absolutely correct about the Z speed being a limiting factor in 3D carvings.
These are the rough and finish settings for the plaque I made the other day.

Question for @RussellCrawford and @JanVanderlinden
I recently bought VCarve and like it a lot, so am wondering about your comment “I need to get Picsender”. So far I have been using Easel to send Gcode to my machine, but knowing you are both active contributors to this forum, I would appreciate knowing your rationale for using Picsender.
Thanks in advance!!!

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Jan will have to answer that question, I have just been watching videos on VCarve so far and haven’t carved anything with it. I’m wanting to learn 3D carving.

When you say that you send Gcode to your machine how are you saving your file from VCarve?