Looking for a 3d printable makita dust shoe

anyone know of any 3d printable dust shoe for the makita router, so far have only been able to find one and its not suitable for the x-carve

found this one but not real sure it would be the best MShoe, the Makita Dust Shoe

I am using this one:

It works great!!!

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cheers but looks like it would be a pain to take on and off every time i need to change bits

Instead of nuts, I actually threaded the plastic and it is holding fine.
I built and attached a knob (on the right side) to a long bolt, and it takes all of 10 seconds to put on and off.
But using a hex socket bolt like pictured would work as well.


Knob attached


printed one out but i found it didn’t quite fit right and couldn’t get it tight enough and the vacuum tube kept interfering with it position so i modified the .stl file and am printing out another one

beefed it up a bit and made it slightly taller for a better grip on the router