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Looking for Carvey Wasteboard SVG

Is there an svg or similar available for the Carvey wasteboard? Or does somebody have precise measurements for the holes?

I’m looking to create a thin overlay MDF board, and I want to drill out all the holes so that I can still use the threaded inserts in the wasteboard underneath.

Thanks, that sounds exactly like what I want.

(Unfortunately, Inventables seems to have some issues with login. When I go to that link, it just keeps redirecting me to the login page regardless of how many times I try to log in.)

@ahochan Are you planning on cutting this board on another machine? I have a Fusion 360 file.
EDIT:Here’s an SVG from that file.

That’s perfect!

I’ll cut the MDF overlay manually with a trim router, and I will drill the holes that are inside the cutting area on the Carvey. The holes outside I’ll just drill by hand with a printed paper overlay.