Looking For Someone with Similar Business

Is there anyone in this forum who cuts door hangers like I do? Someone who shares my business interest?

Do you have a website or Etsy page?

I don’t, I do mostly personal parties. I use the forum mostly for help with my XCarve and questions on using it.

Oooh. I am curious about this business model. Is it similar to … well… (pardon me for this) a Tupperware party or a Mary Kay thing? Just a bunch of people get together, you show them what you can make, and then they place orders? This is intriguing.

I have a facebook page, I have a ton of examples and I tell my followers to look on Pinterest for ideas. They send me what they want, I draw it out, turn it into a SVG and cut it on my XCarve. I take it to the party with paint and all the necessary items along with stencils etc… Once they are done I make bows for the finished product and put a hanger on it and they are done. I have been pretty successful with my parties.

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What are you cutting with your XCarve

That’s pretty interesting… and since it’s a party, the people there can see what others have got (or are getting) and be inspired… which means more orders for you!

Yes, and the money is pretty darn good.

I never walk away without booking atleast 2 more parties.

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Maybe I should get more serious about setting up some kind of business. Right now, I use the XCarve more as a tool in the workshop than anything else. I have made a few gifts for people, but mostly, it’s a way to accomplish a task that the other tools can’t do.

I’ll post yesterday’s job in my existing thread so I don’t hijack your thread. :confused:

I don’t care about that… I would like to see what you do.

I just put it in my thread… This is the most recent thing I carved (from yesterday): Prints and Poop (Kimberly's Corner)

Is that a bench? I love that. You are talented. I have built a few small things but nothing compared to this. I just bought the Kreg tool and I am confused trying to figure that out LOL

It is a workbench! My husband and I had built these six cabinet carcasses with a plan to use them in a different place, but when we went to use them we discovered we hadn’t framed the other place evenly so the boxes didn’t fit into all of the openings. So we stuck them off to one side of the workshop, and they sort of became my workbench because I’m much shorter than he is and it was comfortable for me to work over them. And then we decided to make it official, so I used Sketchup to turn them a real workbench. This is a screenshot from the Sketchup model:

I love it. You guys did an awesome job with it.

Thanks! We do still need to put doors on it. But it’s perfectly functional now. The doors would just reduce the amount of dust that gets inside the cabinets.

Hi Patty

What is a door hanger exactly and how is it used? Or is it just ornamental?

Sorry for my ignorance but in the UK they have hooks on them and you hang your dressing gown or towel on them.

@PattyWolf Are you looking for ideas or sharing what is successful and what is not?

I made several of these and gave them away now I have started getting orders from those folks friends to make them. I also gave one to a friend that is a realtor, now I am making them for him to give as gifts when folks use him to by a house. Came up with a house frame with names and the script letters in them. He just picked up four and has more coming and it sounds like other relators in his office will be getting some from me as well. Wasn’t expecting this when I purchased this in April so I could have something to tinker with so I started with a machine to play with but now it looks like I could have a nice little hobby business out of it. I am using 1/4" MDF.

@SteveMoloney Are you using the names of the client for the realtor sign or something that represents the company? Would love to see a picture. This is a great idea!