Looking for the documentation that explains setting the zero for a project

I am looking for the documentation that explains how to set the point of origin for the X-Carve. A Google search sends me to numerous “Troubleshooting” posts and a few YouTube videos, but I could use some help forming a Google search that will reveal the official documentation. I have found the instructions for setting up the X-carve here: X-Carve Instructions: Work Area but what happens next? Should I be on a different site than Inventibles?

Hello John and welcome to the forum,
I don’t now if Inventables has an official video of settings but have you checked out @PhillipLunsford YouTube channel and also his journey from when he first purchased the X-Carve? He has a lot of good information

Good luck and if you get stuck ask questions

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@RussellCrawford Thanks for the links and the generous offer of help. This sure is a curious time we live in where software vendors and product manufacturers rely on their community to support their users. But I will take it!

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Work zero can be anywhere within the reach of the machine.
Easel prerequisite that the work zero for the design is oriented at the Easel X0Y0 grid point.