Loss of internet stops xcarve

I’m at my wits end with my xcarve! I’ve managed to cut some projects without problems but haven’t been able to complete one for days now and am sick of wasting materials and time when getting it to repeat on the exact same path seems impossible (even if it were to actually finish cutting the whole thing on a second run!). I’m using easel in chrome and everything starts off fine but if I lose my internet connection it stops the whole project and pops up telling me ‘internet connection was lost’. From reading the forums I was under the impression I only needed the internet to load up the project so why is my xcarve stopping cutting when the internet connection is lost?

Although I do not use Easel very much, I was under that impression as well. Hopefully someone from the Inventables development team can chime in and give you a good answer.

From what I’ve found by searching the forums, you should be able to use Easel without internet after you log-in to Easel with internet:

“You can connect Easel to the internet and use it on a project without the internet after the initial log-in. You can also leave Easel open and run your machine with new files, but they won’t be saved unless you re-connect to the internet. Some people use their cellphone connection to log-in and get a project started and then turn off the network while they are working and running the machine and then log back in later and let their file save up to the cloud.”

Another thread suggested to have Easel save your g-code as a file, then use Universal G-code Sender to send the file to your X-carve: Easel without internet?

:+1: on Universal G-code sender.

I look at Easel as a ‘bonus’ with the X-Carve… It’s like buying an external hard drive and it comes with ‘free backup software’. Sure it will work, but there are always better options!!

I tried dowlnoading UGS today and I have no clue how to use it >.< I need nice simple things which is why I was using easel.