Machine chewing up letters

Hi, I have bought a 500mm x carve cnc machine… I have also purchased easel pro. However, I’m a complete novice. All I want to do to start off with is cut out words e.g ‘Home’ that stand upright by themselves… The letters keep flicking out and getting chewed up? HELP!

Are you using TABS when cutting the letters out?
Tabs will hold them in place until you are finished cutting them and then you cut the tabs off.
The yellow lines are tabs and to the right of HOME is a window and you can see the square is checked that says use tabs. You can also add and subtract your number of tabs.

Hi Russell,

Thanks for your help. I’ll try it tomorrow, I was getting too angry to carry on haha… just out of interest, what drill bit size would you recommend?



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You’re welcome Liam,
The thin plywood I would use a 1/16" bit and for the thicker pine I would use an 1/8" bit. Also they’re end mills and not drill bits. If you’re using drill bits that would cause a lot of problems :flushed: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face: :blush: :grinning:
Good Luck

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For such carves I usually use blue masking/painters tape as hold-down, one layer on board and one layer on material, use CA-glue to bond the two tape layers together. This will create a solid bond and allow intricate details to be retained :slight_smile:

Your photos show the aftermath of loosing steps as your cutter forces are too large for the machine. What were your cutting parameters like RPM/depth per pass and feed rate? What bit exactly?

As Russel says tabs are your friend you can also fill in the small areas with full depth clearing to eliminate some issues.


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hiya, could do you get the letters to join up as in the picture. thanks

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Hi Darryl,
Type the word you want to use ( I used HOME )
Then use the Xploder App to separate the letters.
( Make sure you use the Xploder App and not the Shape Xploder App )
Then move the letters into position
Then select all the letters and combine them. ( Edit Combine or Crtl. J )

Good Luck


This can help as well