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Machine Stops Carving. HELP!?

I just got the machine set up and made 3 cuts last night that were short and went great! Today I tried longer cuts (about and hour each) and I can’t get even 20% into the project before my computer (iMac) pops up a finished sign and asks me if everything looks good. I obviously was sent to another page to troubleshoot my issues but after checking my cable, internet connection, and machine, there are no visible issues. I’ve tried turning my machine & computer off and on and nothing helps; it keeps quitting mid-project. Can anyone help?

can you post a picture? Or share job.

i don’t have picture of the image. all I’m cutting is that arrow shaped tray from the projects page. I’m using it bc i want to work out this kink before i dive into MY projects.

What size bit? How much is it carving?

its a thick 1/4" end mill bit. I’m just confused on why its stopping when it says its only anywhere between 10-20% done.

Does it cut the full shape, just all the way through?

no it doesn’t cut the full design. its not going off course or anything either. its just stopping mid project and saying that its done.

This can be caused by the computer going to sleep and/or dropped usb connection.

I have my computer set to not go to sleep and the connection never gets dropped. Should i try buying another cable and see if that fixes it? do you think EMI could be an issue?

my router and machine are on the same circuit, should I move one of them?

when it stops does it retract to the home position or just stop motion in the middle?

it just stops and says something like “now that your job is done”…etc
no home position like it does when a job is done.

Did you click no?

yeah i clicked the “something went wrong” button and was led to another page of options. My confusion is that I’ve checked all my options and can’t find a solution anywhere.

This same thing happened to me. Easel said it was 100% finished. However it had stopped about halfway through my material and did not return home. After this happened happened, I reviewed my Easel drawing to make sure the depth was properly set - It was. Also I had Easel generate the gcode file to see if something was in the gcode to cause this. The final Z value was correct and the only M5 command was at the end of file. It appears once Easel reached the calculated value of 100% it shut things down even though it was only halfway through the gcode file.

What did you do to fix it

i just bought another usb cable and it appears to be working correctly for now

I was cutting a 21x21 peice of Aluminum last night. My 3 hr carve took 6 hours because this happened to me 6 times at least. I’m starting to think that there is a problem with the X-Controller or Easel after the updates. I NEVER had this problem with the Arduino/Gshield. @Zach_Kaplan. This is becoming an epidemic.

I am in the process of milling the necessary parts to do the Phil Z-Axis upgrade. Both the X Axis lift plates were milled without an issue. The holes on the 3/8" spacer plate will milled without any problem. To simplify cutting the plate outline, I had my X-Carve mill out the outline. I did the same thing with both lift plates. I noticed the percent complete after just drilling the holes was 94%. Using 30 ipm and a depth per pass of 0.003 inch the outline will take much longer than the remaining 6%. Proper percent complete should be somewhere in the 10 - 20% range for the holes with the outline taking the remaining 80 - 90%. There appears to be an issue with the percent complete calculation and what happens when it reaches 100%.

All 6 times when it stopped, it was around 20%. Easel gave the “how’s it look” window but the spindel never returned to the home position. It stayed right where it was. Mid cut