Making a stamp - Camp Themed Birthday Party - Hot Chocolate Bar

Man that looks awesome! Things like this get me excited about getting my X-Carve. So many possibilities!


hey glenn so you milled that out of a hockey puck?

any info on mills used feeds and speeds that sorta thing?

not sure what you mean by 11 deg tool I have never seen one of those

I figured routing rubber like that would be extremely hard


or maybe I just found one lol

It’s funny that this has come up again. About a year ago, Inventables asked me to officiate a stamp-making competition. Tis the season!

Lot’s of good stuff here to check out for reference! :sunglasses:

@WorkinWoods thats the I bit used, The puck mills like butter

Pumpkin Puck

for that I use 1/16" straight bit at 50IMP and a DOC of .03

I also have to add that this thread has reminded me of a software developer job interview I had a few years back. The company needed a program written, so posed it as a litmus test for applicants. I got the job, but the company got the program for free… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks @GlennMDutcher I’m gonna give it a try!

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Just curious how everyone is holding the material down. Would you need clamps or would double sided tape work. Also do you need to center zero in the middle?

I used clamps on the stamp. The Carvey automatically zero’s in the corner.