Making a stamp - Camp Themed Birthday Party - Hot Chocolate Bar

I was asked to make a custom coffee cup sleeve for a hot chocolate bar for a camp themed kids birthday party. They are buying these cups and sleeves from Amazon.

My plan is to engrave a stamp using Easel and Carvey and then stamp each of the sleeves.

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I’m not much of an artist so my cousin was enlisted to come up with some different logo ideas for the stamp.

  • Option #1 with the Arrows
  • Option #2 with the Fire

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Let’s take a vote!


What material do you plan to use to make the stamp?

I like the second, but there’s too much details that I think will get lost with a simple rubber stamp. Prove me wrong though, I’d love to see you make both stamps and see what they look like after a half-dozen uses.


I’m going to use some linoleum mounted to wood. It’s in the store part # 30473-04 is the one I got. I find it easier to carve the stamp out of a big sheet than try to fit my stamp on to the smaller ones. Also since it’s only $7.79 I’ll have extra material for when I screw up.

@RobertA_Rieke I might need to simplify the logs on the second one. You don’t think I could get it done with a V bit or a 1/32"?

It might, I think the limitation would be with the ink. If it fills up a narrow groove, it may come out when you use it and ruin the detail. That’s just theory though, the only stamp I’ve made is my logo using your stamp material, which worked beautifully.

Yeah thts interesting material I wonder how clean that it cuts I imagine that you could get that fire design done with a .03125" mill

every time I try to use those I breath on them to hard and they break lol I only have 2 left now I think i started out with 6 or so seems to me that the .03125" mills that you sell in the inventables store would not be very good for a plastic type substance since they are 2 flute spiral upcut mills.

I always love my single or straight flute tools for the soft plastics

@Zach_Kaplan did you see the “hockey puck” thread? That seems like great stamp making material and might be a bit more forgiving on those thin lines - especially when stamping.

I would increase the contrast on the whole fire logo. I would make the marshmallows solid white, thicken the sticks, simplify the logs, etc.

Thus why i voted for the first logo… much less complicated.

A hybrid of both options incorporating the “logs” into some of the letters might work…

@Earwigger the idea of using hockey pucks is fascinating

Maybe something like this


Looks like you can get bulk packs of hockey pucks on Amazon for about $1 each. 24 for $25, 50 for $45, and so on.

Got used pucks at “Second Hand Sports” for 79 cents each and then resurfaced them with a 3/4" straight bit

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HaHa, I have found in my 20+ years as a IT Geek that we Geeks have no artistic skills.

+1 vote on the 2nd drawing. Good Luck

Here is my interpretation of the CAMP DYLAN hockey puck stamp, I use an 11 degree v-bit at a DOC of .03 and 50IPM


Hey @GlennMDutcher can you share the Easel file?

Why did the sides get ink? From the picture it looks like those are lower than the flame and the ring?


the ink on the sides was caused by 1. my ink pad is wore out and 2. it was stamped in “Fun Foam”

Here is a link to the shared file

Camp Fire


Here is a picture with a better stamp pad