Makita resources, some help needed


Does anyone have a source for a 1/8" collet/adapter thingy for use with a Makita RT0700CX5J?

The standard machine comes with a 6mm collet but I am having a hard time finding something for it to enable using 1/8" router bits. Elaire Corp claims their MRP-1250 does not fit my makita.

Any tips would much appreciated.

You might try to call them or the folks at I bet one of them can help you find the right one. Plus - there are more and more Makita users on this forum. LIke @EmilyMaker - any input?

Sent the folks at an email asking.
Elair corp sent me an email concerning their collets. They do not believe any of them will fit my router.


I just use an astro pneumatic collet adapter and it works just fine. Any 1/4 to 1/8 adapter would work. Although, I use the Makita RT0701C, not sure if there is a collet difference between those.


@EmilyMaker Thanx for the tip.

There appears to be two routes to using 1/8" router bits on a Makita bought in the metric oriented parts of the world:

##1 - The 6mm to 3.175mm tool adapter for use with the original collet that came with the machine

##2 - 1/4" collet + 1/4 to 1/8 reducer
Get a new 1/4"(6.35mm) collet to replace the stock 6mm collet

Then fit an Astro reducer to use 1/8" bits

I am using a collet adapter in my Makita - it works like a charm.

The Elaire collet should fit — the RT0700CX5J is an SKU for a particular case / assortment of accessories. (it’s a nice case — wish it were available here in the U.S.)

Just verify in your manual that the part number for the 1/4" / 6.35mm collet is: 763637-1 and you should be set.

That part is nowhere to be found on the Norwegian Makita site, their pdf manual nor in the paper one that came with the machine.

Anyway - two possible solutions are available. Thank you for the input. :smile:

Oh, and Makita Norway are way too slow at answering email for my taste… :wink:

Hi Ebr,

I have seen questions like this in the past so I just now called Makita USA and spoke with support. He said the collet size on any of the Makita RT0700C / RT0701C router, regardless of the extra letters or numbers after, are all the same, and the Elaire Corp collets will fit. The extra digits after the 0701C, just indicate that the routers come with extra stuff.

Elaire is really your only choice for alternate collets for the Makita as Precise Bits does not make collets for Makita routers. I would encourage you to not use inserts/reducers as the runout on those can be excessive.

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You might just have saved me from making a rather dumb purchase from china on ebay.

I have emailed Elaire once more with what you have told me. I suspect I will order from them soon after the dude who told me the exact opposite gets back to me. Probably a mistake on his part or me expressing myself poorly(English is not my native language).

Thanks a bunch, greatly appreciate it.

I’d be interested in hearing what Elaire has to say. I suppose they error on the side of caution. I should have gotten the name of the guy from Makita support just for reference too.

The guy at Elaire got back to me and had changed his position after having another look at it.

Apparently this site had misinformed him about the capacity of the machine:

The schematic from this site(which refuses to show in my pdf reader) convinced him that Elaires collets will fit my makita:

I shall not pretend to understand what that fuzz was about - as long as it works I am happy. :wink:

Thanks all for your input! :smiley:

I recommend getting the 1/4 inch collet. That way you can use 1/4 inch endmills. When milling you want to use the shortest and biggest bit you possibly can, and there’s so many 1/4 inch mills on amazon, that’s what I would do.

Even if you have the stock 1/4" collet, it’s worth getting the Elaire collet — it’s made to a very high standard for precision and seems to cut better.

I did order the 1/4" collet in addition to the 1/8" from Elaire. Have a big wasteboard cleaning bit lying here that is 0.35mm too big to fit in my current 6mm collet.

New collets should arrive in a week or two. Gives me time to nag my friend into getting those DeWalt 611 spindle mount spacers printed so I can mount the Makita.

Once all is up and running it is time to go nuts on amazon and order bits! Looking forward to that :slight_smile:

Please note that the Makita and Dewalt have different diameters.

My Makita measured ~64.5mm (spec. is 65 if memory serves), while the Dewalt is specced at 69mm diameter.

I had to fashion an aluminum adapter to make up for this on my SO3’s spindle mount (which is intended for a DWP611).

If your interested, I’m have some Makita spindle mounts made. $76 shipped. I’m sold out at the moment but will have more in a week or two.

Thanks for the offer John, but I have a Dewalt 611 Mount already. An hour ago I got a Message that the spacers for it are finished in the 3d printer.

I hope to pick them up this evening.

What was your shim thickness? From the measurements I found on here the shim should be 2mm, is this what you found? How does yours fit/look do you have any photos?