Makita RT0701C


Pictures will be much appreciated :slight_smile: thankyou

I didn’t want to take the router out, so i quickly made a new one. Cut off some plumbing pipe, and cut a thin strip from the side with a hacksaw or a band saw. Do some deburring and you are ready.

Nice… i was thinking some stainless steel :). Sometimes simple is alwys better

this material is quite soft, so the spindle mount has good grip on the spindle. I did give the pvc pipe a little sanding with coarse sandpaper, for extra grip.

Nice, I just ordered the RT0700c (as it is called in india) Have u managed to find any collet adapters or using only 1/4" endmills

My router came with a 6 and 8mm collet, (i am from the netherlands, europe) and that is the standard here for routerbits. I am thinkin to buy a 1/8 collet, cause most engravingbits and small routerbits have a 1/8 shank.

at the website below you can order collets in different sizes.

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Hello JarnoOoink,

I am about to order my X-carve to be delivered to the Netherlads; Since you also live in the netherlands I would like to ask for advice on the best way to order/Ship from USA to Amsterdam.

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I have ordered my x-carve via robosavvy in the UK, the shipping is much faster, and you don’t have to pay the customs.

Ordered mine from the USA and got the 1000mm kit minus the waste board and without a spindle or mount, but with the new xcontroller instead of the old arduino/gshield. Total price including shipping was £979 and I have been charged £150 customs charge. I will get another charge when they ship the xcontroller as they were not in stock. So total price delivered and with customs charge will end up about £1200. I would have bought from robosavvy but I didnt see the point in buying the old electronics just to have them become useless when I upgraded to the xcontroller so saved about £300 doing it this way. Robosavvy’s prices are pretty competitive though and certainly don’t fall into the ‘rip off’ category.
Took about 2 weeks to arrive because of customs processing. (It was in the UK 2 days after ordering).