Makita RT701c Mount Store Bought (Available Now!)

I guess I don’t follow as to why this is a restriction?

I like that the Makita takes up less Z space, allowing for more Z axis travel. I just started the process of designing my dust shoe, It will probably be a combination of 3D printed parts and CNC cut out parts.

Still not seeing this. I am sorry.

Here is where I am, I have the most rigid mount possible for my router, I will gladly design a dust shoe to work with this because of my rigidity. I am not willing to go with the DW611 which is more expensive and heavier than the Makita, and eats up Z axis travel simply so I can use someone else’s dust shoe.

I guess when comparing opportunity costs, I would rather deal with the issue of designing a dust shoe than having the drawbacks to the DW611. It helps that I already own the Makita.

@Bohemian to try and help shed some light on what @PhilJohnson is referring to when he says “pass through dust shoe” is the custom shoe he designed seen below (I think):

I can see your confusion as he design is pretty unique.

@PhilJohnson, I don’t see how the collet is any more difficult than the Dewalt. I personally just use the two wrenches that come with it to change the bit. There is a quick hold button as well if you want to just use one wrench though.

Either way, both routers are great. From my research the build quality for the Makita is slightly better, but to each their own. My next step is to probably go to a 0.8kW VFD Spindle.

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oh ok, I’m currently building a dust shoe similar to this and I don’t foresee many issues. Any ways, getting off topic now!

You can see the red lock button near collet:

I like the idea of the sewer pipe @Bohemian. I currently use a thin sheet of plastic I got from a local plastic company.

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@PhilJohnson I just checked the brushes in my Makita, about 100hrs of use mainly on speed setting 1 (& 2)
Original length 12mm, current length 10.5mm

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I guess the sewer pipe is in substitution of the collar that I liked from Carbide3D. I was’t miffed by the cost as I was getting a refined product.

The reason for my post was just to inform everyone that it was an option as I haven’t seen it referenced anywhere before, and the collars are a new offering for the SO3 from Carbide3D.

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The price seemed great to me, it was the shipping that got me! Thanks for letting us know about it!

I went ahead and bought 2. It was $30 plus $15 in shipping. Why? Because I like options and those may or may not be available when or if I ever switch to the Makita. I think the Makita has some design pros and cons compared to the Dewalt which make it a potential option. Two points of concern is the collet but the Elaire collet may solve that and also the use of the SuckIt dust boot with the Makita. It’s not a pass-thru design like Phil’s but it could still work just fine.

I did mention this to Inventables, and their purchasing dept has been notified of the potential here, perhaps this collar will be available from Inventables soon.

That would be sweet. Might be able to get when I order other stuff too!

I love my makita! It has done everything I’ve asked of it. Word on the street is that the MLCS rocky 30 is a re-badge of the same router.

70 bucks usually… but every now and then they have a sale that knocks a couple of bucks off. Ive been looking for an excuse to get one but my makita has been working fine.


For the collet being too short what I’m going to do is to buy a ER11 adapter with a 6" long, 8mm dia shaft and cut it down. and if I have any run out problems I will try the Eclaire 8 mm collet. As for the problem of deflection , since the shaft is hardened steel and the bits are mostly smaller the 8 mm I believe the bit will deflect before the shaft does. the cost for the C8 type of collet is from $6.50 to $9.50.

The trouble with this router is that it’s only 1 h.p as opposed to the 701’s 1 1/4 hp.

Oh… good catch!

Eventually I’ll get it because I have the full 701 kit with the 3 different bases. I actually still have need for a compact router from time to time. Would be neat to compare the power differences.

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The MLCS Rocky 30 manual actually uses a photograph of a Makita — all specifications, everything but the colour of the molding and the included peripherals seem to be the same.

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I am using a Menards Performax 1.25 hp router.
I think it is a copy of the Makita. So far very happy with it. I bought it like 8-10 month prior to purchase of the XC1000, it was on sale for 39.00. I made shims from pieces of exhaust tubing. Sometime around Christmas it was on sale at that price again, almost bought another. I figured if it fails in short time I am prepared with a 611 mount just waiting on a DW.
The spindle lock button is accessible with the 611 mount, however I did not like the idea of the reactive torque applied to the Z axis assembly when tightening and loosening the collet. I now always use 2 wrenches. The router only came with wrench for the collet nut but there are two flats on the spindle for a 1/2" wrench. Had to grind the 1/2" wrench to thin it down to fit in the flats.

Adding a few photos to clarify the plastic pipe shim. I cut mine about 3" long and the total outside measurement of the cut piece of pipe that slips in the mount is about 8 1/4". The pipe has a wall thickness of .08".

Cut to size

Inside the mount

Added a diverter made out of .06" plywood. Crude but it works -

Just used a couple dots of instant glue to attach it to the bottom of the router -


I’m going to run the same system as you but I’m going to add a er11 tool adapter to mine.we used these a lot on our CAT 50 tool holders when we either faced the risk of crashing the tooling into the part or we needed to mill into spaces that were too narrow to work with the regular holder. We rarely had any problems with deflection simply because we adjusted our speeds and feeds to work with what was chucked up.

Extraordinarily impressed by your creativity. I believe that is the X-Carve mantra.

Plz anyone help me. I want buy x-crave. What i take makita or dewolt