Makita RT701c Mount Store Bought (Available Now!)

I want buy x-crave .i take dewolt or makita . My english not good

If you can choose (similar availability and price) get the Makita due to lower minimum RPM than the Dewalt.

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Put two wraps of Gorilla duct tape around the Makita. Tight and secure in the Dewalt mount that came with the machine

I used pop cans for shims. Works perfect. Took 4 of them for my spindle.

And now the Shapeoko adapter is gone.

Instead of the adapter a suitable length of suitably sized aluminum tubing works well — the Imperial size (2.75") is a bit thin walled, but metric in 70mm has a 2mm thick wall and seems to work well once cut to length and a slot is machined into it.

What kind of adapter?

I have created a mount for a Hitachi router. I can make one for this Makita is anyone is interested.
All I require is the footprint and the mount you are using if its not from inventables.

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