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Sorry to say guys, but the automatic project saving just isn’t working half the time, even the the message “All Changes Saved” is displayed. I have a reliable and fast hard wired internet connection in the shop, so no problems there. Why not add a manual option to save the project so you can really be sure changes are saved? I wish I could recover all of the time I’ve lost due to this annoying problem.

Here’s a typical scenario. Import (make a copy of) a project from the sandbox. Rename the project. Make edits etc. Go into Machine Setup to confirm machine settings. When you return to the project, more than not it won’t have saved any of the edits you may have spent hours doing and brings the project up in the state it was in when you made the copy and first imported. Infuriating!

I’m guessing this is related to the other bug/feature that you posted. It sounds like there may be a bug related to saving after going into machine setup, but as someone posted in your other thread, you should only ever go to machine setup once.

Wonder if a Save Local feature wouldn’t be better, to save the file to your hard drive…?

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Save and import file would be great so you can save all your files to a hard drive and go back to make another at a later date without a long list in Easel

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I don’t really experience any issue with save, but I haven’t worked a lot in Easel yet so… who knows. However, if you know javascript maybe you can mod the save procedure yourself :smiley::

If you’re seeing “All changes saved” at the top, then that means that Easel has sent the latest version of your project to the server and gotten a response back from the server that it was saved successfully. If you aren’t seeing that version the next time you go to the project, I think it’s probably one of two things:

  1. Somehow you got back to the original sandbox project, instead of your copy that you updated. Or perhaps you made more than one copy and opened the wrong one. You’d probably notice this in the “My projects” sidebar, though.

  2. If the project was open in multiple browser windows or tabs, or on multiple computers, it’s possible that an earlier version that was open in one window/tab/computer got saved over a later version that had been saved somewhere else. Easel doesn’t currently sync changes made in another browser except when you reload the project. If you are switching between two computers, I’d suggest closing the project on one computer before you open it on the other. Or if you are going through Easel Setup again (although as @Andy4us said—you shouldn’t have to do this unless you’ve made changes to your machine) then make sure you aren’t ending up with the project open in multiple tabs.

Thanks for the detailed reply rodovich!

I think something else is at play here.
I’m only ever using one browser at a time (Firefox) and always make sure that only one tab is open.
I definitely am not backing up as far as the original sandbox project, always to the copy I made.
Rarely do I ever see the display “All Changes Saved” as anything else.
I should also mention that I’m using a Mac (El Capitan 10.11.5) with Easel driver version .26

Almost always, changes are not saved when doing what I described above.

One workaround I’ve found is if I ever have to enter Machine Setup, I’ll simply make a copy of the project I’m working on. This seems to save changes flawlessly every time. I don’t always remember to do that though, hence my trouble.

Having worked on many platforms on many OS’s over the years, the ability to manually save is something I’ve just gotten used to. Perhaps for peace of mind if nothing else, it would be useful to add this feature in a future update?

Thanks for all your hard work at any rate!

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Yes I’m with you on that.

I have this same request and had same issue. I am a newbie but I was very surprised I spent 30 mins building a project, clicked the help link, which did not open in a new tab, so I went back only to find my while project was gone…
Very disappointing. I am a newbie so it could be me… but a basic save is reassuring when you put alot of time ni a prject as you learn the software. you’re just one click away from erasing everything.

Let me know how to better save projects when unsure of a link or if you may end up leaving the project.
Such as checking machine settings… which is what I did.