Marvel Disk

I haven’t cut it, but using the same bit he used in V-Carve generates perfect toolpaths.

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I used the crv3d file but the ai file worked too I used aspire 8 , I went ahead and got rid of a couple duplicate vectors before I generated paths

I spray painted the entire piece with red gloss krylon spray paint , then I dry brushed a gold acrylic artist paint over top with a 3” wife brush about 4 coats drying with a hair dryer in between coats.

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Easel would probably be sufficient if they didn’t simultaneously try to render the output on the right side of the screen. I’ve suggest to engineering that they have two separate screens so they can swap the memory space; one for design, then a button to switch between preview and back to design.

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Since it’s ‘open’ to the public. Could you generate the gcode from vCarve and share it or does that app not allow that? I don’t have vCarve and Easel can’t handle it.

I can do that, but I would never run a g-code file generated by someone else. If you are willing to take full responsibility that if the file twists your x-carve into a knot it is not my issue. I would need all the settings that you want to use.

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hmmmm, not sure what settings you need. Standard cut settings for MDF I suppose. I’ll use a 60 degree bit cutting .75" MDF.

I really like the look, but am curious about ‘dry brushing’ paint…and what exactly is a 3" ‘wife’ brush? :wink:


My standard settings are probably not the same as yours.

I need:
plunge rate
pass depth
Z safety height
flat depth
zero in center or lower left corner?
zero on top of material or on wasteboard?

EDIT: Does your v-bit come to a point or does it have a flat? If it has a flat, how large?

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Oh, that. :wink:

Feedrate 50 IPS
Plunge 20 IPS
Stepover 5%
Vbit stepover 1%
Pass depth .05
Z safety .1"
Flat depth (not exactly sure what this means)
Zero in lower left corner
Zero on top of material
vBit is a point, not flat tip

Flat depth is the deepest limit that the v-bit will cut, with no value it will go as deep as it needs to go…
is the V-Bit 1/4" diameter?

This is 0.2" flat depth:

This is no value:


Oh…I like the NO VALUE version. Yes, my 60 vbit is 1/4".

What post-processor? If easel, I need a link for it.

Your settings are 11.5 hours to cut.

Hmmmm…can you make it faster? :wink: What speeds did you use?

My x-carve is not even close to being stock, my settings will not work for you. I’ll play a bit with the settings…

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Ha! I’ll get there someday…little by little I’ll beef it up. With every Christmas and Birthday, I get a little bit more. :wink:

The biggest factor for your overall time is the Pass Depth. I can do a couple g-codes and you should test it out.

Ok. Thank you very much for doing this.