Math problem here

I need to cut a 17" triangle from 1/2" mdf. that is the simple part. I also need to cut a 1/8" groove 1/8" deep 1.5" in from the edge on the inside. I keep playing with the inside triangle size to get it 1.5" in all the way around and can not seem to come up with the right diminision. any help would be appriciated. Thanks in advance. Easel - Copy of mitch.html (507.1 KB)

Try using the “Offsetter” app in Easel. Just tell it to make an offset inwards 1.5". Should do the trick.

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I will give that a try. Thanks

Worked like a charm Ray.

Is the triangle supposed to fit in a 17 x 17 square (like you have it), or are all sides supposed to be 17in?

They are to be 17" per side. I got it with the Offsetter app. thanks

Your triangles looked to have a 17" base and a 17" height. An equilateral triangle (all sides equal length) will have a height that’s shorter than the length of a side. For a triangle where all sides are 17", the height wood be about 14.72"

Ok so i would need a 17" base and a height of 14.72". That is the first part. The second part is i have to cut 3 pieces of 1/8" material in to 3 pieces that fit the triangle and come together in the middle with a 1" raise in the middle where they meet. Trying to make something for someone for some sort of star wars gig. thanks

Correct…14.722" would be more precise.

There’s more than one way to divide a triangle into 3 parts. Got a pic?

I have the triangle drawing.

Hey @WayneHall, the project is not shared publicly.

I can not figure out how to share it. i can copy and paste in the share but when i hit share and paste the file i am not sure how to get it here.

It’s shared now.
What’s the end result supposed to look like?

3 piece to be cut for the top with a 1" rise in the middle It should run along the outside edge of the triangle and meet in the middle with a 1" raise. thanks

Sorry Wayne…I can’t picture what you’re describing.

I am wanting to take 3 pieces of 1/8" material cut that into 3 triangles lay it out over the top of the main 17" triangle and when the 3 pieces come together have a 1" rise.

So it’ll make a low pyramid?

Sorry i had company. That is right it makes a small pyramid over the top of the 17" triangle.

If I’m picturing this correctly, you’d want your three triangles to have a base of 17in and a height of about 8.56in.
What’s your plan to join them?

Well they are for a friend of mine and he saud he would put them together. I believe he was going to use gorilla glue and tape. I guess when i was taking all those shop classws in school i should have been in a math class.

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