MDF Pumkins

Using some pumpkin carving templates I found online I made some Halloween decorations.

Original I planed to do it in one piece as a pocket operation, but realized that this would take a long time. (over a hour each)
Instead I did it as 2 separate layers on thinner material using profile carves and glued them together.

First I did a v-bit carve of the pumpkin lines and stem details. Then using a 1/8" downcut bit I did the “face” template and cut the outline. I adjusted my settings a bit each time, fixing some minor issues. Total carve time is around 15 min and that is carving fairly slow. Being MDF I can probably cut a lot faster if I wanted too.

It made painting them easier too.


awsome !

Those look great! Did you create your SVGs or find them someplace? I love that design!

I did a Google image search for pumpkin template images and did a auto trace.

I did modify the pumpkin, splitting it into a front part (no stem) and a back part (no detail). And added a bit of a border to the vcarve detail so profile cut would trim it to the edge.

A few more pumpkins. I can make 3 from a standard sheet of 2’x4’ MDF.
These are “Meme” themed ones

(“Creppy” is misspelled on purpose)


Grumpy Cat




Troll Face


Here are some sites that have a tone of patters to use:

Thanks for the links. The other pumpkins look great. I also found that just googling “halloween svg” to provide a lot of good options.

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Another batch of pumpkins. These are for a friend to take to their works office decorating contest. They have “Circus” theme so I did a bunch of clowns.
I am also working on a batch of more tradition ones for myself.
(the wax paper is to keep them from sticking together in case the spray paint is still a bit tacky)


What size are they ?

about 13.25 wide, 8.75 tall (not counting stem)

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FYI: I am using a 1/8" downcut bit to cut these out of 1/4" MDF. The downcut bit makes working with MDF so much easier.


The last batch. These are more traditional pumpkin faces for decorating at my work.

And a glitter bat. (they make glitter spray paint now)