Measuring tool in Easel

How about adding a measuring tool for use when trying to make precise fitting parts.



One way to do this is when you make a shape/image/text/whatever and you select it the little window will pop up labeled “Cut” and it will let you use the slider to select cut depth of that shape, outline style, and fill. Well if you look at the top of that pop up there is a second tab labeled “Shape.” This window lets you get very precise in your X and Y coordinates as well as setting height and width of piece. For most applications I think this should be good enough to get what you need done but I still do see the utility in having a measuring tool, specifically for when you are trying to measure multiple shapes.

Hope this helps in the meantime.

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Would you mind giving an example or two of what you’d like to be able to measure? It would help us understand how this functionality could be useful, and figure out how we’d want to build it into Easel. Thanks!

I was trying to make a sample box from and when I import it into Easel as a SVG file that was save from the site it is making the finger tabs to big so they stick out when the box is assembled and not flush.

Easel file:

I have imported it in to inkscape and it appears that the design generated from the web site is in error.

I was thinking that it would be nice to be able to measure something like the tabs as a check on your design.


i’m looking for this measurement ability too. was it ever added?

+1 for this feature. I am not looking to make random stuff; I need to make stuff specific measurements.


a point to point measurement would be nice. just two points and it tells the distance between them


or even more grid lines would be helpful


I have been struggling with this since day 1 of my Xcarve experience.

Not having a way to measure and check sizes of holes or dados or anything is a struggle.

I find myself wasting more material than being able to be specific with what I am cutting.

For example: I wanted to check letter heights and was unable to do so without dragging the text to the ruler on the right to make sure I was not creating signs with different sized fonts.

Also my holes for a number of projects had to be done a couple times to get the right fit but having a tool to measure these specifically would have eliminated this need.

I understand we can use other software but that seems process for process sake when we have a functioning software in Easel.


I’d like to add my vote for a measuring tool or ruler as well.
I use TinkerCAD for 3D printing and they have a nice ruler feature.
Pick Ruler - Lay it next to the component you want to measure and voila.

I know there are workarounds but they are just that



Add my vote also. I want to know if the oval i made inside a square is 1" from a point and 2" from the other side etc…

Agreed, I’m trying to make bobbins for a custom guitar pickup and I need the measurements to be VERY precise. I’m struggling trying to do that, although I am admittedly very new to 3d rendering and carving. Would it make more sense to do the drawing in something like fusion 360 and then import it to easel?

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being able to acurately see the distance between certain parts

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Its maddening trying to make specific size holes without being able to define the size, This and a ruler tool would be INVALUABLE!


I have always thought Easel needed Guide Lines

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I’ve been using sketchup for years and the ability to snap a box contour to specific dimensions in invaluable. I’ve recently just started using my xcarve and I’m dumbfounded how anyone is making tool organizers or similar products. ???

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Hello all, I just received my X-Carve. I currently live in Mozambique, Southern Africa. My machine was shipped to Canada and an incoming colleague was nice enough to let me use a bit of room in his sea container. I think I probably have the only X-Carve in the whole country !
I’m also struggling with the absence of measuring tools. I’m using scrounged materials and trying to adapt designs to whatever dimensions are at hand is frustrating.
Please add my vote !

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I woult like to see the coordinates of edit points. The snap feature is nice, but if I don’t know the exact coordinates of the point it is snapping to, I still don’t know the exact position of my new edit point.

I might suggest creating a new rectangular shape, just as a guide, set its corners at zero, and adjusting its dimensions to the size you want. Then when you are done editing the points you need to position precisely, remove that rectangle.

I would prefer to see the coordinates of the edit points directly. Much quicker and more simple.

I want to throw in my hat in the measuring tool. I like to be able to know the distance between objects. At the moment, I am having to look at grid boxes to estimate the distance while I zoom in and out to find the exact location and keep count of grids.

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I’m new to Easel (very new; I’ve only just built my machine and have only cut 2 things!). I have a design for an ornament (say a star) with a tab and I slot that tab into a hole in a base. I need to make sure the tab and the slot marry. I know that I can use the cut outside path and cut inside path functions, but I need to ensure the sizes are the same from the beginning. The image has been cut and pasted as a whole cvg file so I can’t just cut the tab and paste it into the slot in the base. It would be useful to have a measuring tool to do this. Although, I suspect there may be another way to do this… I just haven’t found it yet. I’ll keep looking…