Mesh Cam problem

Hello, Im having problems with importing mesh cam g code. I select basic gcode inch. it imports fine but when I got to cut it makes a few movements than it stops moving and just sits there with the spindle moving.

What program are you importing the Meshcam g-code into? Sounds like Easel. Have you tried Universal GcodeSender. I also use Meshcam to create my g-code then Universal GcodeSender to run my g-code. Works well.

I’m pretty new to this. If I use the code sender. What sets the material top and the home?

I have an X-Carve not a Carvey so I’m not sure. Maybe someone with a Carvey could chime in? With the X-Carve I use UGS to zero (set material top) and for homing. UGS has a homing command.

did you try a gcode sender?

I’m having problems with the z-axe using carvey+fusion+(gcode imported to easel)

What version of the Easel driver are you running?

Did you read this?

is your reply to me?
installed the latest easel-driver available today. I’m not using meshcam, but fusion 360.

look at my thread here for my problem:

Oh sorry I was replying to @WesleyAllen I’m not that proficient in Fusion yet. Maybe @PatrickRainsberry would have some tips?

I’ll jump over and respond in the other thread.