Moving up X-carve

Hi there. On first i want need to apologise for my english and say hello everyone’s :slight_smile: My idea is to milling some Dibond Sheet like 90 cm height / 200cm long and put them from the right side, milling first part, move that sheet and milling rest of project part and i need to move up my x-carve about 2,5 cm. I wana make longer MakerSlide End Plate like in this topic Tall Y axis end plates . My question is. How deep i can set z-axis? and i lose much more rigidy ( i buy some Kress 1050 spindle and make new mount spindle plate ).

A standard X-Carve has a work area of X 80 cm Y 80 cm and Z 67 mm. All can be extended to meet your needs.

I sell a set of Y axis end plates that move the Z axis up 5 cm. Send me a private message if you are interested and for pricing.

Ariel, WA

PS where are you located in the world.

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THX for reply David. Im from Poland. And i can make that Y axis end plates on laser :slight_smile: