My $5 Y Axis Stiffening Mod

To stiffen the Y axis on my 1000mm X-Carve, I used a 1.5" L bracket, a #10-24 X 1/2" round head machine screw, a star lock washer, a #10-24 nut and a #10 X 3/4" wood screw on each rail. These items were purchased at my local Home Depot. The top hole in the L bracket matches the bottom T slot in the Y axis rail. Remove the screws holding the Y axis end plate to the Y axis rail. Loosen the screws holding the end plate to the front cross member and slide the end plate out of the way. Try not to let the Y axis rails drop too much. Slide a #10-24 X 1/2" round head machine screw into the lower Y axis rail T slot to the center of the rail. Reattach the end plate. Insert the top hole of the L bracket onto the #10-24 round head machine screw and fix with a star lock washer and a #10-24 nut. Finally, attach the L bracket to the wasteboard with a #10 X 3/4" wood screw. Repeat for the other side. This cheap and simple mod has made a world of difference on my Dewalt 611 equipped X-Carve 1000.


It surprised me how much difference it made

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Did it, too! I suspected movement on my 500mm unit. No change, so not really necessary.

Looks just like mine. I used the post-assembly t-slot nuts from inventables.

i’m about to do this because i re-worked my 1000x1000 x-carve to be about 1500x750 by chopping some 1800mm maker rails and also chopping the stock X axis. When cutting towards the center of the work area i get noticeable vibration in the Y rails, but only when the cut path takes it flat along the X axis, meaning back and forth between the Y rails. Cutting diagonals, for example like the letter V, it doesn’t seem as bad, but its still notable.

I’m cutting skateboard decks out of hard rock maple, so its not like i’m cutting aluminum or something but it is one of the harder woods and for the most part its fine. it just wants to tremble a bit here and there.

I’m glad to see that this worked. I’ll probably do two or three brackets down each side.

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