My attempt, the first of many, of a dust shoe

The Bracket.

The Viewing window

The Body

The dark spots on the wondow part seems to be residue from the paper? it rubs off easily.

Thats all i got so far. Ran out of time playing around building this…

and this…

Will post more when I get done.



your project files are not shared publicly so they will not open. would like to see them very interested.

How do I fix that. I’d like to share them.

Open file in Easel and click on the menu “file” then at the bottom click on “Share”, a dialogue box will open and then click on share with a link. then use that link to reference the file.

Edit: they are working now.

What kind of bit did you use ?

I used the 1/4" bit that came with the kit, on the window. I used the 1/8" bit on the side bracket. I think I went too aggressive on the depth per Pass.

Did a bit more tonight.


All look perfectly nice and clean, good work. Just want to remind you something which you will have problem with.
I am the one of the first dust collecting shoe designer for X-Carve. In very short period of time, we all realized that, if Shoe attached to router, Z accuracy is changing badly when bristle hits the work surface. At least Original Acme screw type up and down moving mechanism with V-Wheels. That’s why most of us switched to stationary attached height adjustable shoe.
Best example for that is Suck-It dust shoe. You may consider before too late.

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Here is good discussion for this if you want to follow all the way thru.

Thanks for the kind words and the caution. I really appreciate it. I will do a lot more digging up into the post. I don’t mind redoing and re-engineering. This is a wonderful tool and in the middle of this I find myself carving all sorts of this and that. And in the experimenting I’m learning and having fun.

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Any pics of the finished product?

This is what I’m using now. I haven’t taken any photos of the cyclone filter but I can say it’s a must have.

For the volume I’m doing. This works fine and didn’t cost a whole lot.


Thanks for posting them!

I will post some more of the shoe and its magnets.