My journey into making the X-bench

I will be documenting my journey on making the best workstation for the X-Carve 1000x1000. I will be also installing some kind of enclosure after all this is done so please stay tuned and if you have anything to say please don’t be afraid to chime in on something. PROPS to Bdubu for making the plans and for coming up with the idea of the X-Bench X-Bench Original post

This is my workspace currently which you can see why I need a new workstation so I can have my cnc related things all in one spot.


…youre the best around, noones ever gonna keep ya down…

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So I got 4 2x4s all trimmed down to 3 inches apiece now to start marking where the holes will go

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alright so I have the legs built. I decided to put them together before I drilled the holes for the top for the monitor bars. the instructions say drill into all 4 however it also states you only have to do one if your sure that’s where your going to mount your pole and monitor. I did 2 because that’s all my tiny Ryobi drill press could handle. I sanded the legs down to get rid of the saw marks and any unevenness for when I put the legs together even though I clamped the legs together and then drilled a hole all the way through. none the less. awhile back I had bought a bunch of random species and different sizes of wood and I have used some for the making of my signs today ill be planning and ripping the boards down for the torsion box and to see how well that goes.

Great job Michael! I’m anxious to see how it turns out. Please keep us posted.
I can’t wait to start on mine. Unfortunately, I’m still building my X-Carve and organizing my workshop, lol. :slight_smile:

any updates on this?