My new controller build (inspired by Phils Deamon) and many other upgrades

Making good progress. Had to drill out the the holes out a bit for the linear Z threads to line up. So much for drilled out for direct bolt on xcarve… can’t get belting done till slow boat from China gets here with pulleys. Guess it’s on to electrical.


If you upgrade to the new drag chain setup you will need to drill new holes for the chain mount brackets that are not on the old side plate or carriage.

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Glad I opted for the drag chain upgrade there’s no way the old smaller one would have fit all this shielded wire mess inside it! Had to flip the x stepper and remove the stepper connection terminals off the back carriage too otherwise wires rub the chain and could snag.


I like how you have the X-Carve as your centerpiece of your dinner table. Keeps guests entertained while waiting for supper. :smiley:

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My xcarve IS the dinner table lol


“Someone pass the hot sauce please”
…Sure, Ill G0 some up for ya right now

Ohh, just G28!!!

It was also there for thanksgiving… grbl grbl grbl


Fired it up tonight and so far everything seems to work as it should. 30 days later my pullies are STILL in China. Should have forked over the extra $15 shipping would have had them by now and my belts would be on.


Also got a new toy for Christmas that printed the lables for me


Haven’t had much progress in a while got tied up with 3D printing and upgrading and been too cold out in the garage to finish setting up. The 3D printer has certainly taken away from my CNC build as much as it has helped with it lol

With more to go…

Anyway back to the CNC progress. I had to throw some 1/2" MDF and self tappers into my Z carriage to adapt my Suckit boot.

Got most of the wire mess tamed

Ran a successful skim of the wasteboard

But need to make a better laptop mount off the side. Thinking about once again borrowing one of Phil’s great designs.

Ran some successful air carves but have yet to carve anything because I was waiting on my new larger dust collection hose and ordered this big beautiful pile of useless clamps that were the wrong size for my T-slot tracks and are solid steel which I just assumed was plastic since steel seems like a horrible idea. So I am in the process of printing new ones now that I have a 3D printer.

Now your all up to date… more to come hopefully will be carving again after tomorrow :slight_smile:

You can still use the steps and clamps with T-nuts or T-bolts that fit your track.

That was my origional plan but I have hit clamps more than once overlooking travel paths. I would rather cut a plastic clamp than destroy something more costly like a bit or machine component. Not worth the risk to me. I am printing plastic clamps and nut caps so the only thing I have to worry about hitting is the bolt itself. Better safe than sorry. This set is to nice to go to waste so still going to mount it to the side of the machine as a decorative piece since it’s too late to return it. Who knows I may grab one in a pinch if mine can’t reach something.

My X-Carve on steroids finally has a face. It’s no demon but sure looks sweet complete with power indicator eyes :slight_smile:


Really cool Ryan :smiley:

I am currently doing the same thing but not yet complete as I am still waiting for a few parts and layout decisions…! Simple box out of 3/4" MDF, PC Tower style.

My main intent of the new controller is increased speed for my diy-cnc, going from 24V to 48V system.