My test to carve & etch glass with the X-Carve

I saw the video in YouTube of the test with floating supports and I made mine, use a dremell bit andt worked! Sorry for the sound is strident but when you have worked with glass before you get used to listening to it.



This is cool!!! I like your hold down design. Please tell me more about the type of Dremel Bit you used

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dremel 9924

Glad to see the video was useful. Looks good.

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You are the guy from the original video!!! THANKS!!! that work!!! really good thank you!!!

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This is awesome - Nicely done!

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Excellent. Will you illuminate this as well? Nice work.

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I love this technique!! Awesome

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very cool.
is that a diamond tip? If so doesn’t that have a spring already in the shaft?

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yes @BrianHoelscher1 I’ll iluminate it!

thanks @PhillipLunsford!!!

@anon68752607 is a $5 bit, dremel 9924

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Its a diamond tip, not a diamond drag bit.
Intended to spin hence no spring.

I see. But in the video it’s not spinning that’s why I was confused. :sweat_smile:

I had to look too LOL :wink: But afaik its a regular diamond bit, but not spinning in this case :joy:

Wow, I’ve never seen glass done on an X-Carve.


I’ve got to try it!

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@CristhianPena. How strong are those springs? How much movement is necessary?

Zach thanks you!!! Is so glad to see your opinion!!!