My upgraded Xcarve 1000mm

First I added the TBD riser and stiffener kit. Then the full Xcarve upgrade kit from Inventables; 9mm belts, larger steppers, Z-axis, and dust sheilds. I wanted to keep my aluminum stiffeners from TBD so I cut up the acrylic ones from Inventables to be able to use them both.Traded the MDF wasteboard out for a .5" aluminum plate with T-Track and easily changeable MDF runners. Ditched the Dewalt 611 for a Makita rf1101. Gained the ability to run .5" bits, much slower rpms, and 1 additional horsepower. Added the stepper covers w/belt brushes and the V7 dust boot with 4" port from PWNCNC. Going to paint the blue Makita top red soon… got a thing goin if you hadnt noticed haha


Love the red color! Does the 4" dust port help to keep your bit any cooler?

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Assuming you have adequate dust collection I don’t think what size port would effect the cooling of the bit very much. Correct chip load, rpm, depth of cut etc would far more greatly effect temps. It does remove dust and chips nicely though.

tthanks for the quick reply. did you have to mount it to the 4 screw plate on the x carve? There is one at with a mounting plate (i think)
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I designed then had laser cut qty 2 1/4" aluminum plates that I could attach new spindle mount to then mount the plates to the upgraded Z. The .5" total thickness of the 2 plates allowed for the top of the RF1101 router clearance. I got the spindle mount off Aliexpress for $10. The avid one is alot more and on back order.

I would be totally interested in the belt brushes and stepper covers….


Looks great.

How did you do the wasteboard? Great idea.

I am extremely interested in the wasteboard idea!

The dust boot and stepper covers I got from You can choose what colors and his turn around time was better than stated.

The aluminum plate I first laid out what I wanted in fusion 360. Got a quote from which is an hour south of me. I then order .5" ATP-5 Plate from Midwest Steel and Aluminum | Buy Metal Online | Online Metal Supplier and had it dropped shipped to Critical. Went and picked it up when they were finished cutting it. Tapped a bunch of m5 holes. Mounted the t-tracks and mdf runners with hardware I got from a local nut & bolt supply house.

Is there anyway that i can get the drawing of the makita spindle mount that you came up with?

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