My X-Carve build with Kress FME1050 spindle and JTech laser 2.8 W

Hi there :slight_smile: I want to show you my x-carve 1000 build. Its complete in 90%. I need make more rigid worktable and some box.

First thing what i made was buy spindle Kress FME-1050. Make tall end plates, new spindle mount plate and z plate.
Kress FME 1050
New Spindle mount and Z plate
Tall endplates, now i got 100mm height.


Then i make some modyfication in drag chain

I use old endplate here

Mount spindle mount, z-plate and laser by Jtech 2.8 W

And make some carving made with cheap bit 1/8" and engraving laser test

And some laser on old 2015 year calendar :smile:


Need to make it more rigid, clean and paint it. Another move is make some led light on spindle mount, box from wood or meybe plexi to laser haze with some fan.

Updates to come :slight_smile:


hows it going? how do you like that laser I am looking into getting a laser for my x-carve but I know nothing about lasers lol what can you do with that one? is there a better one out there? what do you think is best?

Laser …hmm… i think its depends what You need to do with that. If You wana make some many production engravers or cut i think its may by to slow.

Its many movies what You can do with this laser. Like cutting acrilic

or make some logos

and many others…

For now i know that, 90 % succes with that laser it make good g-code. Another thing i software. I think about buy some software from Jtech call Laser Etch B/W Image Engraving. I need that to engraving some logos, not only lines what i make in easel, replace z-axis to laser power and send by UGS,

I start make many test and i cant tell You more about it, but for now i I am very, very pleased that laser :slight_smile:

Our PicLaser can be used to engrave Black & White logos. Dithered images and grayscale images with the J-Tech Laser.

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Some upgrade Z-axis. I got tall Y end plates so i needed to make some upgrade with openbuilds parts to move spindle down.

One think to do with this is in gbrl set $3=7 and thats all

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Where you buy the Spindle mount and Z plate for kress ?


I design spindle mount and z plate. After that i send files to company with plazma and carve.


What are the size of those spacers that you use for the z stepper motor mount?