Upgrade to 2000mm/1500mm (work in progress)

Hi there.

My first machine was x-carve 1000/1000. Now is time to upgrade on 2000/1500.

Y axis - 2 join makerslide

X axis - C-beam 1500mm

Y-axis plate is a Universal Y plate with modification for C-Beam

X plates is modified Openbuilds Ooznest X

Tomorrow is time for 3GT belts and rest.Laser, electronics and Z-axis which stay from old x-carve for now. I’m afraid I will change motors to 269oz


cool cool cool. nice job. can’t wait until you make something. Are you using metric or I not sure what they call it “imperial” extruded aluminum?

Very nice combo of x-carve and OX CNC open builds at its finest, What mind of spindle you planning to put on there?

MichaelHursh: Metric. X-plate is 5mm Aluminium with blue satin Oracal foil. Y Plate is 3mm painted steel.

Deepnoizer: I got Kress FME-1050 with old z-axis for now


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That is very neat. I really like the colors. Look forward to see how it turns out.

If you don’t mind me asking what are you going to use the extra size for?

Looks great Hugo. Are you going to be making the Z axis any higher?

PatrickLesher i make many cuts on large pcv sheet or dibond like leters or advertising coffer. On old x-carve my workspace is only 72.5 cm/72.5 cm now i got some 187cm on 135 cm (tomorrow i get good dimension)

X-CNC i dont know for now but my old z-axis is good for that what i use x-carve for.


3GT belts, drag chain, electronics, limit switches

Machine work !!!

On monday i need to put spindle, limit switches on X and Z axis, laser and calibrate :slight_smile:


How do you plan to do your wasteboard?

I think I would have skipped center extrusions and bolted the Y rails to the table. Then slid a large sheet of mdf under the gantry and bolted that throught the table too.

Looking very nice Hugo :+1:

The same like x-carve. MDF 18mm or laminated OSB with many many holes and t-nut in profile :slight_smile:

Next update

Set new $100 and $101 settings in GRBL. Calibrated, temporary wasteboard, spindle and laser conected.

Next to do is new dust shoe, wasteboard and normal opened limit switch

Yes. But i want use open setup for now :slight_smile: or can You tell me whats better? or that te same thing in work?

My mistake. You got right :slight_smile:

“Normally Closed end switches (NC) - switches are connected in serial, if the head hits one of the switches the resistance become high (> 1 MOhm). The wiring is more complicated but if any of the switches is disconnected (broken wire) this will be immediately detected. This is the way how all professional CNC machines end switches were wired.”


I change my X-carve location. Move it from my work to my garage. My workspace is like this now.

New wasteboard with vacum table
I use old x-carve 1000 wasteboard. move it up by pvc 5 mm

And here is video with vacum table work :slight_smile:

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After many many many months of planing, thinking, measurement, finds materials, buy stepper and find time i start my next update. In progress.

Controller made from old pc box. Inspired by Phill. Stepper Motors 4X Sanyo Denki 3A

Size is 200 cm / 144 cm. Work size 170 cm / 125 cm. Steel profile 8 cm / 4 cm / 2,5 mm. Brackets 2,5 mm. Hiwin HGW 20 CC. X C-Beam profile is only added for test and calibration.

Next step is add HTD 15 mm belts, new Y plate from alu 5 mm. Add Z Axis.