Universal Y plate

Following the discussion on Thoughts on Stiffening mod, I thought to try to design a Y plate upgrade. This first version provides:

  • compatibility with 40x40 V-Slot & OpenRail for X-axis stiffening (marked with red) (*1)
  • compatibility with 40x40 V-Slot & solid V-wheels for Y-axis stiffening (marked with green) (*2)
  • microswitch mount for Y-max hard limit (marked with yellow) (*3)

(*1) Existing slots are expanded by 2.7mm .
(*2) If the standard/non-solid/stock V-wheels are to be used again, 40x40 V-Slot & OpenRail combo could be an option too. In that case, the existing holes for Y-axis MakerSlide (adjacent, blue) are used again.
(*3) Due to the drag chain mount on the left side, this is designed to be used on the right side.

PS. How do I also attach the SVG? When I try uploading, it just shows as an embedded image.


I think you can add a different extension to the end of the file (such as .txt) or zip it in a folder. Upload it and then anyone downloading can change the extension.

@JustinRobbins thanks. The zip did the trick. Here’s the source file:

universal_y_plates_v1.svg.zip (3.6 KB)