Neck profile template is always too small?

so I’m trying to make templates for this beast out of mdf. everytime I try cutting the neck profile it is always too small. I set the path outline-outside and when I lined everything up in easel it looked like it was going to be the same size. but when I cut it, its over a 1/2 inch too small. am I missing something.
the body template cut perfect, everything to size.

1/4 bit on the body
1/8" on the neck profile.
new machine-xcontroller.

help! what am I doing wrong??!!

If you are cutting the outline of the body and the neck/pickup route at the same time, that might be your problem. The neck/pickup route should be “inside” the line.

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are you using the proper setting in easel for the body cutout bit?
or… are you changing the bit size in easel to 1/8" before you cut the neck template?
Reason I ask is that it seems that an extra 1/8" i missing from both sides of the neck. if you use a 1/8" bit, with easel left set to 1/4", everything should be too big. using a 1/4" while leaving the bit selection at 1/8" results in over-cutting, leaving the part smaller than intended

also, is the neck tenon so short because of the length of stock available? it should extend all the way to the end of the pocket

technically, since the body template is all one piece, the Neck and pickup routes will cut inside the line by default, since they are set to “pocket” no way to choose anything different.

i think the issue is based on the bit size selected in easel.

I have it feeling it has something to do with my drawing.
I used a 1/4" bit to cut out the body. which cut perfect.
I then changed the material and the bit to an 1/8" bit and cut the neck profile.
it only and 1-1/2" wide at its widest. so I’m thinking there is something wrong with the neck drawing?
its weird because it all fits together in inkscape…

here is how it is all set up in easel…

It looks like it could be a on-path / inside / outside error. Especially with the amount off being double the bit diameter.

But it seems ok in the project file.
The holes in the body are cut as fills, which should be “inside” by definition.
The body is cut “on-path” - but that should have no impact on the hole for the neck.
The neck is cut “outside”, so if anything it should be a bit big.

Wait… if you had the wrong bit selected when your cut it- it would throw off the size.
Double check your bit settings for the part and make sure you have the same bit selected as you are using.

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They look perfect.

I had the right bit selected for each cut. I don’t get it.
the neck profile was so tiny.

I had this the other day trying to cut out a fender style neck template. it was actually the carmicheal neck that is in the projects section. it was either too big or waaaayyyy to small.

on the workpiece titled “templates” the neck was set to “on path"and using the 1/4” bit listed for that workpiece, it made the neck too small.setting the neck to outside made it fit.
when you are “fitting the parts” in easel, you don’t want the cuth paths to fit inside each other. they need to overlap. one sec

my Xcarve makes guitar templates for retail sale all day. like, its the only thing i use it for.

try this, using only a 1’4"… .but i bet it is actually 6.2mm

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have you run this?

No, I have to get ready for work, so I’ll try maybe tomorrow

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Thank you all for your help.
I’m finding that learning what something looks like on a 2d computer screen to what its going to look like in 3d is a bit of a learning curve!
5 months of using an x carve has been a lot of fun though!

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I seriously cannot get a single template to fit together… :confounded:

yeah, i need to see what we are dealing with here

do me a couple of favors… first, slide the neck template away from the body, until it lines up with the edge of the humbucker opening… like, the same pic, but pull the neck toward you.

it looks very much like the neck template could fit pretty snugly in that area of the body cutout…

then, measure from the "body"end of the neck template up to where the nut will theoretically be…

lastly how wide is the neck at the heel?

all of these sings i’m asking have a good reason…

it is supposed to be a glue in neck. I don’t have the neck measurements at the moment, I’m at work.
this was taken off a blueprint I bought from e guitar plans. ive made everything by hand before and it all fit together. I’m trying to use my x carve to stream line this process! I’m struggling!

try this one!!