Need Help, my project wont carve right through

I have a CNC machine, I am a beginner at this and I know nothing about coding. I was told this was an easy program to use, and it seem to be so far, except I cant get it to carve all the way through to cut out the coasters im trying to make. I have set the the material thickness at 1/4 in. and the outside cut is set to 1/4 in. Its only carving it about 1/16 thick. I even tried over setting it to 1/2 in. and 1/2 in cut and it still only cut 1/8. Am I doing something wrong? I’m hoping its just some easy quick fix LOL

Did you set your Z zero properly? Have you calibrated your steps/mm? Did you setup your Gshield/Xcontroller with the proper microstepping values?

I did set up my z properly, moved to bottom left corner and down to the board. But i dont know about the other things

I over cut by a fraction.

I did that but it still wasnt enough. Could it be that i should be using a 2 stage carving because there is 2 different depths im using?

Did you re zero z after bit change? Maybe material is thicker than you thought, did you measure?

Yes I did re zero it, and it is def 1/4 in thick, even when i set it at 1/2 in it still didnt cut through 1/4 in deep

Follow those steps and make sure the DIP switches are set properly. It might be that you’re running 8X microstepping when it should be 2X.

I will try that first thing in the morning, thank you very much Justin!

What is your setting $102?

sorry i really am a beginner at this and i dont know what my setting is :thinking:

Easel? Sift-ctrl-d in the box type “$$” it will give you your machine setting

I typed “$$” in the box and it said error expected command letter

i tred just typing $$ and a whole lot of numbers came up, and i dont know what they mean

Look for $102 what is that number

$102=188.976 (z, step/mm)

That should be good, if you have acme rod. next should be to measure the actual movement.

i just measured the actual movement, set it to raise 1 in and it only raised 1/4 in

See what @JustinBusby said above

is that picture from the computer board?