Need help with a gcode file throwing an error code in PicSender

Folks - looking for a programming guru to identify whats wrong with this file. I’ve recalculated the file, moved the pattern in Vcarve, started from scratch and its still tossing me this error code.

It will stop before even making a cut, and PicSender says the error is either at, or before line 7.

Thanks for any help you can give

try again.gcode (405.3 KB)

The error on my simulator says: Cutting move with zero feed

Probably line 8: G1Z-0.0050


Remove the T1 from the beginning of your file. That is not a supported grbl command and why you had an error. There is no starting feedrate either as Erik mentions. Make sure the Vector Gcode is selected before running the file again.


Thanks for the help looking into this. Not to say you’re wrong saying T1 is causing the error - but I went back through all my other gcode files that I know work and they all have T1 and the first line of code.

How do I add the missing command for feed rate? The file does work - from the zero, it will raise the Z, move X and Y to the start position then stop.

Your post processor is leaving out the first plunge speed…i didn’t check after that error. You could manually add the first one and see if you get any other errors. G-code files are just text files, you can edit it with any text editor.

I use Camotics to simulate, it is free…i use it all the time to check g-code.

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Your correct, It’s the M6 T1 command that is not supported by grbl which causes an error.

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editing gcode is very new to me. what would be the command for plunge speed?

You don’t need to edit the G-code if you have a good post processor. Try using one of the post processors available on this thread. Scan down to find the Vectric Post Processors that work well with the X-carve.


I agree with @LarryM, editing g-code will work, but the post processor will make that unnecessary. There are some good websites that explain g-code and I recommend having a base knowledge.

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