Need some help with carvings

Everytime I setup a design for some odd reason the software or I have no clue what it is keeps screwing up, doesn’t raise high enough and ends up ruining my wood design. It also goes too deep at points randomly, I’ve levelled and adjusted my machine and still keeps doing this. My machine is an Adrino board with modified DeWalt 611 router attached. The original machine is purchased from a company called universal engraver here is a picture of what’s happening

What kind of stepper drivers, what PSU voltage, what kind of steppers and what are your $110-112 and $120-122 GRBL parameter values?

I will check that when I get home I am not too sure. I’m a bit of a rookie when it comes to those kinds of technical details

Stepper Motor:42H34S

Here is my machine but I’ve altered it to fit a DeWalt 611 router attachment: Universal Engraver - 15000 mw Blue CNC Laser Engraving Machine 60X60 inches

The tech specs you mention where do I find those?

Ok, 42H34S = Nema17 which are very weak for CNC routing purposes.

I suspect the heavier weight of your Dewalt is making your Z struggle retraction => it stall out and thereby loose position.

Power supply voltage to the driver board affect the total power, as do the current limit setting of the stepper driver. If the max feed rate or acceleration values for your axes are too ambitious they will also stall out.

My main suspect is the added weight, in possible combination with $112 and $122 values.

Thank you for that information , I was reading up on the beginners guide to parameters.

Thank you and I will look into changing those steppers.

And look into the parameters

I am having another issue now and did not want to create a new thread to take up space.
Recently easel or maybe the board , i am not sure but what’s happening is i set the job to cut out a name in wood 1/4" the dimensions are 16" x 34" the name is Brooke so the start point is the inner pocket of the “B” when i start the job the starts in the middle and it starts cutting out a large inner circle, but the preview shows everything is correct.

I am not sure what is happening but i need some help, scratching my head here.

Hi Maria, Can you share the Easel Project?

In Easel go to Project>Share then set it to “unlisted” then copy the link shown and paste that link over here.

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Hmm, examining the initial toolpath this would definitely not carve a large circle on my machine it’ll carve the near teardrop shape it shows in the preview.

About how far into the carve did you stop it?

I’m thinking you may have been prompted by easel to redo the machine setup and in doing so you may have selected the wrong version xcarve. If you’re using an xcarve from post-November 2021 (or the prior version but with the upgraded belts and steppers) but happen to select select the stock pre-nov 2021 version by mistake it will carve oversized by 1.5X the set dimensions and if you stopped the carve before it reaches the top of the teardrop shape then that would certainly look like part of an oversized circle starting out.
Just a theory right now

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I downloaded the software from this website just a couple days ago. And what you described is exactly what’s happening.
So I’m confused as to what is going on. Prior to me removing the machine and re-adding it it worked just fine.

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The easier fix is to remove the current machine and re-add a new machine and select the correct version and any applicable upgrades. IF you have all of the upgrades (9mm belts AND the linear rail Z axis) then you can simply select the “post-Nov 2021” instead of picking “pre-Nov 2021” and manually selecting the upgrades.

However IF you don’t want to go through that whole process over again you could change the settings manually Like this: X-Carve 9mm Belt and Linear Rail Upgrades GRBL Settings – His N Hers Handcrafted

This “Feature” of Easel where it changed grbl settings automatically and the lack of an obvious option to select “don’t change my calibration settings” is one of it’s more major flaws IMO.

I will give this a try later and post my updates.
Thanks for taking the time to help me with this. Greatly appreciated.

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sorry i totally forgot to mention this is not a xcarve machine, so sorry about that, this is a 3rd party
using arduino board 1500mm x 1500mm with a dewalt 611 router

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This is what’s happening , really really slow now.

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Can you share your $$ Grbl settings and your gcode?

sorry , i am still new to this, where are the grbl settings again?

Untitled (3).nc (456.5 KB)

i am using a third party cnc from a company called univrsal engraver which has a cnc router.
uses arduino uno board

this is a good g-code, this a machine issue