Nema 23 pinout question

i got my X-carve in but apparently their has been a switch over in the NEMA 23 steppers. the ones that are shipping now have a connector on the back and need a jumper to connect it. unfortunately the jumpers where not available at the time mine shipped and are expected to ship soon as a fallow up.

this would normally be OK but i am in a bit of a time crunch. what i am looking for it a pin out for the new NEAM 23 so that i can connect it up until the i get the jumpers.

any help would be most appreciated.


Where did you see we will be shipped jumpers? I just got to the wiring step, and have been trying to figure out how we’re supposed to connect the stepper motors, since they have a connecter for a plug or something, which isn’t referenced anywhere online, or with the parts themselves.

There should have been a sticker inside the motor box saying that they would have to ship additional wiring in a separate package. From this thread:

it sounds like they’ve already been sent out, so hopefully you’ll have yours soon!

Yes there is a sticker with a note on the box. All the wires shipped on Friday.

Oh on that box I had already tossed aside. Now I see it :smile:

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