Wiring Harness for Nema 23 Motors

My Xcarve arrived yesterday. Very excited. I have the new Nema23 stepper motors that take the plug in wiring harness, but I cannot find them any where in the package. The motor box has a label saying harness to ship separately. Anyone have an idea how long after they should be arriving or did they just miss this in packaging?

I emailed them to find out a day or two ago. Zach quickly responded and said they should be shipped out this week.

@RonSwanson @Bala - For those of us who have no idea what you are talking about, how about a picture or two? I am interested in seeing the NEMA 23s that take a harness since mine that arrived not 2 weeks ago just have 4 wires hanging out.

Well just got mine, and need the adaptor as well. Here are a couple of pics.

Hmm interesting. When did the design change take place?

Thanks Bala, that’s good to know. Good pictures Steven, I took some but may never get them posted. Thanks all again. Happy carving.

Apparently the manufacturer messed up on a recent batch, so some of us have the harness instead of having wires attached to the NEMA 23s.

I have the plug in 23 motors too, but havent cracked into the wiring part of the build yet so i dont know if i have the adapters or not. I didn’t find a note or anything either. I will have to check when I get home.

I was hoping to get the time to finish the build this weekend and do setup and test cuts but…

The note was on the inside cover of the box the motors came in. I hate to say it JK, but I would guess you don’t have the adapters either.

I have mixed feelings about the pigtails. It should make changing out motors and wiring them up slightly easier, but it is also another point of failure. I’m glad Inventables didn’t hold up my order while they got new motors in, but it is a shame the supplier was not able to get them the pigtails quick enough to get them in the kits.

Oh well, I probably won’t get to wiring until this weekend, so hopefully we know more by then.

I know at one time I was thinking about testing each of the motors before mounting, guess I can’t do that now anyway. They should all work, right ? :wink:

Unfortunately just another delay . I must say customer service responded quickly, but after waiting 6 weeks to get the Xcarve it would have been nice to know the order wasn’t complete, and I couldn’t finish the build… I guess I’m glad the slow boat from china made it but also hope there are no additional surprises.

I must have been so enthralled by all the gadgets, gizmos baubles that i never noticed that sticker on the inside of the box cover. LOL! It’s not Inventable’s fault that I missed it. And I recently had my eyes checked too!

I have a bit to keep me busy for a little while at least. Hopefully those overworked folks in Chicago can get the harnesses out in reasonably short order. Looking at all that goes into one of these boxes, it’s certainly a daunting task to kit up all this stuff and get it right.

It is what it is and getting too wigged out about it wont make the harnesses get here any sooner. :disappointed:

Also note that I believe the shafts are slightly shorter, probably somewhere around 5mm ( I didn’t actually measure). At least that is about how far out past the end of the shaft I need to have my pulley stick out to line up with the idler pulleys. I don’t consider it a big deal, but it does very from the instructions that tell you to line it up with the end of the shaft. There is still plenty of shaft for the pully to bear on, and with the one flat on the shaft, the set screw has plenty to bite on as well.

I just hope nobody follows the instructions blindly and doesn’t realize this until they are threading the belt.

Yes the new motors have flat shafts. This gives the set screw a flat surface to secure against.

We ordered the NEMA 23 motors with the wires connected but they shipped the connectorized motors. In the short run this is frustrating because they didn’t send the wires to us. In the long run it is kind of a nice feature because you can unplug the motor without having to redo your wiring.

They apologized and said they would overnight them so rather than holding up everyone’s order I made the decision to ship them but add a sticker indicating the wires would ship separately. They told us they would arrive Monday but they did not. We will turn them around as fast as possible.

Thanks for the response Zach. I am going on a cruise tomorrow for a week, so I can’t build my Xcarve anyway. Look forward to getting back and building my machine. Good call on shipping without. Stuff happens.

In the long run it is kind of a nice feature because you can unplug the motor without having to redo your wiring.

So, does that mean that you are going to stock both motors? What happens if we need a replacement motor if we get the alternate style?


Hi @LarryM we do not plan on carrying them in the short term. From a functional standpoint the motors are interchangeable meaning you could operate a machine with both styles. It’s the same motor just a different style wire. The wires from the stepper motors connect to the screw down terminals.

In the event that you have a bad stepper down the road and you don’t want to have the kind with the wires coming out of them contact us and we will figure out a way to get you a replacement with the connector.

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Hi, Zach.
Thanks for the reply.

One other thing I noticed, is with out the wires dangling down, it becomes easy to turn the stepper motor the wrong way. I caught myself doing this multiple times, but I still ended up with one of my y slides upside down. Depending how the adapters look, I think I will be fine, but it is something to keep an eye on.

The good part is you don’t have the wires getting in the way while your mounting the motors.

I started my assembly and found no motor harness either. plenty of other things to work on still. just wondering will we get an e-mail / tracking # when shipped out?


Seriously guys!!! Would have been nice to have a note in the packaging that we might as well not start to put together a product that we cant finish. Im seriously frustrated that i set aside them time to now have a half finished cnc taking up space…