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New app: tabbed box generator

I’ve posted a new app that creates tabbed boxes a là makercase, although with fewer options. It works best when you use the dogbone generator on it after creating the box.

I’ve also posted the source if anyone is interested in how it works. Pull requests are welcome for improving the functionality!


oh this is neat!

Dude, that’s AWESOME!

I’m impressed with how Easel just gets better and better day by day. Great job @paulkaplan and the rest of the Easel team.

Now I have to go find and excuse to make a tabbed box to try out this app. :smile:

Totally amazing work!

Is it easily modified make a tabbed hole on the ends the same thickness as the material? Similar to the attached picture…disregard all the cutouts.

I don’t think I understand which part you are referring to?

The bottom 2 have rectangular holes near the edges that the sides fit into. Sorry i couldn’t find a better example.

Here is an example picture of a lid with the “holes” that the tabbed sides fit into. How do i run your app in Easel?

How about input boxes with limits instead of sliders?

And are the numbers in inches or millimeters?

  • to both!


Thanks for the keyboard trick, that’s helpful.

Here’s the result of my second box. (first one didn’t work - the cut was set to “On Path”)
Material: .2" soft plywood
Size: 4x4x1.5
Bit: .0625
Dogbone: .03125
Changed the cut to Outline/Outside after adding the dogbones. This provided a very subtle cutout that is barely visible.

This is not glued, though, it holds together perfectly.


do you mean the dragon claws for a squeeze fit?

I love the app! I decided to crank out a quick e-stop box from 1/2" MDF (actually 0.530", which explains the offsets). This will be easy enough to sand down before painting.


Nice box Robert! :grinning:

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Please allow us to select mm or inches… And allow for manually input the sizes.
Also include information that you must use Outline/outside in the description

Otherwise a great app.

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Also, let us enter tab quantities, or handle it like tabs. :smiley:

Love the idea, but did not work for me. There are 1/8" gaps between the “teeth” so they do not fit together snugly. Any idea what I did wrong? Instead of cutting “on the line”, perhaps the shapes meant to be cut “outside the line”?

I can tell you from experience, you have to select “outside the line”. The e-stop box above was the second attempt… :smile:

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OK, hold the phone! Why do we have a box generator based on techniques for lasers? Let’s see some joinery! :grin:

Thanks, that helped. The gaps between the teeth are much smaller when I cut “outside the line”. However, the fit is still not great because the X-Carve cannot cut right-angles well - they are rounded. I spent a lot of time filing them into right angle corners. Any advice how to configure the X-Carve to cut so the pieces fit perfectly?