New Features: Enhanced Multi-Color/Layer Support and Drilling Holes

Hi Everyone,

Andrew here from Inventables. We’re pleased to announce that we’ve released two new features to all Easel users!

Enhanced Material Color and Layer Support
Easel now supports choosing multi-colored acrylic and HDPE materials from the material dropdown and it will show an HD 3D preview of the result. Easel will show you how deep you need to cut to expose each layer in the cut depth slider.

Drilling Holes
This feature allows you to easily and efficiently carve holes the exact size of your bit.

Thanks to all the community members who participated in early access testing of these features and helped us get them ready for release!

Best regards,



These new feature are long awaited, thanks ! Any way you could release a quick video when you release a new feature?

THANKS!!! @AndrewD the day when you launch the features to let us made a work from a “specifically percent done” i’ll be made!!!

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Always evolving and improving. Fantastic new features!

I tried the bullseye feature on 16 1/8 holes for bit holder. It did OK until the second row, 3 holes down. It drilled the hole, but then started going up/down in same hole until I stopped the job. It got hung up somehow on that one hole.

I am not sure if you have to enter bit size as I believe the router will use whatever size bit you select and drill at a certain point. It does step up and down to clean out the hole

Did another set of holes, and these came out correct.

Hi JjGray,

We will try to investigate this. Could you share your project URL?

If you have a problem with a carve in the future, click “No” when Easel asks if everything turned out OK, then click “Get help from Inventables” and click all the way through to submit your carve to us. This will capture all of the information about the carve, including the tool paths, for us to investigate.



Is there a way to use an import that can then convert something into those bullseye marks?
For example, if i wanted to make a cribbage board, i’d HATE to have to set all those in Easel directly. It would be WAY WAY faster to do so (and easier) in illustrator, but that’s dependant on being able to import it and convert a shape or point into a bullseye.

All in all, love the fact that the feature is here now!

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@RobGrant, I have an app that is waiting approval form the dev team that will allow you to convert the selected shapes to the new Drill Type.
So you should be able to import and SVG from illustrator and select all the circles and use this app to convert them.


There is currently no support for this, but we have been considering importing SVG point elements as drill holes.

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@RobGrant there is a new app that will convert any circles that you have already created to the new Drill operation

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HELL YES!!! Thank you for this My goodness thank you for the follow up and all!

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This doesn’t seem to work for circles imported via DXF.

@JeffTalbot, will there additionally be support for POINT in a DXF import?

Your project is private, can make it public (File > Share > Shared with link) so I can take a look?

should be public now

Joe, can you try it now. it should work

It did. Thanks.


Did the SVG point element update occur for them as drill holes ?

No, we have not made any changes to SVG import yet.