New? inlay technique

Thought I would share a way to create a drop shadow effect for lettering, or anything else you may want it for. I’m sure it’s been done by others, but incase you haven’t seen it, here’s my new office sign.
First pocket was filled with black acrylic resin, sanded flush then cut new overlapping pocket for wood inlay



Nice job. I think it is pretty cool.

That looks amazing.

Very Nice.
Any issues cutting the acrylic inlay.

Cut like butter. Smooth & clean. 1/8" downcut bit, 80 ipm, .06 doc

Don’t have set offset. Just layed up to what looked good.

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That will work fine. I created complete file in CorelDraw and cut in Easel.

Thanks. Maple and Teak.

what font did you use for designs?

JP is all hand drawn. Designs is Bosanova.

@JeffParish that is so simple, it’s brilliant! Awesome effect, easily achieved. Once of the coolest things I’ve seen on here in a while. Thanks for sharing!

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Another Elegant design by Jeff Parish. Great touch.
(I’m surprised to see those Paper filled plastic doors in Hawaii. Part of my Business here in Turkey is replacing those doors with CNC Carved and painted doors)

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Thanks Alan.
We replace our fancy wood doors with plastic ones after the termites have eaten them…:cry:

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Looks great!

Wow looks great, cool idea


That’s fantastic. Thanks for sharing!

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Awesome, looks great! I don’t think I ever would have thought of that. I might try it with two different shades of wood too, maybe a light maple for the primary letters and a dark walnut or something for the drop shadow.

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Beautiful job Jeff. Was the timber inlay Vcarved or straight sided?
Thanks for the idea it is very effective.

Thanks James. All inlays where cut with 1/8 down cut straight bit.

Beautiful Jeff. I notice the standoffs. I looked for those but only found commercial that wouldn’t sell to hobbyist. Would you share your source?