New Logo in Use

Has no one noticed the new logo? :pencil2:

Looks familiar, but I can’t place it just yet.

I noticed the other day, and have the same feeling… like a bank logo or something. not really digging it.

Cubes do seem to be the new look for tech logos these days…

Honestly, I don’t think it would have mattered what they would have come up with… you really can’t please them all.

However, I am stoked that Inventables is always trying to be out there, take some risks and advance the company. Certainly makes being a client a much more enjoyable experience…

The logo similarity with another was discussed here.


First thing I thought of

I would have appreciated a community vote. The now logo doesn’t speak tome.

I actually had an idea along those lines for a logo for my blog.

Man Made Mayhem

I like 3-way symmetry in logos, and it features 3 m’s (with a little bit of imagination)
BUT I never got around to implementing it and now Inventables beat me to the punch.

Oh well, looks like I’ll be doing something else then. I’m still thinking about an ambigram of the word mayhem as well.

Almost looks like a shipping logo.

LOL I am guilty as I use a bell for my makers mark


Probably the same reason you’re likely to use a shape like this:



Really don’t know witch direction to go with this one. But after my day I needed that.


You should use that logo for your business Bob… just use your initials… :slight_smile:

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WITCH direction?!

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Ok you got me. Took me a few but I see what I did lol :joy:

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I get your point, but as a graphic designer I have to point out that playing with type for 5 minutes in Word doesn’t really qualify as logo designing.

I agree that the old logo was fine. I also agree that logos can perfectly be typography only. But then on a technical level they should at least meet some very basic requirements.

To give you one example, due to bad kerning the letters ‘■■■’ stick out in the first one. It’s probably THE worst rookie mistake. In this case with unintentional hilarious result. Font use and alignment are also very questionable in both.

You are happy with your branding, and if it does what it is supposed to do, that’s all that should matter. Note that I’m not trying to diss you or your business. But please respect those that spent a couple of years learning the craft and don’t call yourself a logo designer just because you spent some time in vector editing software. I don’t call myself a mechanical engineer just because I have a few lego technics sets.

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I’m a Jedi

No you’re not. Canadians have a shortage of midichlorians, known fact…

And i drink tonnes of beer. Jedi as well.

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Not sure I get the joke… must not be Canadian


I tried being respectful. Oh how naïeve of me to expect a mature reaction.