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New "Replicator" app

Hi all,

We’ve started to explore possibilities for apps that not only add elements to a design, but that also can operate on existing elements.

I posted a new Easel app today that takes whatever shape or shapes you have selected, and replicates them in a grid. Check it out! It’s called “Replicator” and it’s right there in the App Library.


Looks like it needs a bit more work. Here are screenshots of what happens when I use the replicator.

Win7-64/ Firefox

My File

I think it is working as designed. It doesn’t replace the original shape, it just adds a new set of shapes. You can move them around and then delete the original if you want.

If it doesn’t replicate what I drew, what good is it? Not only does it not replicate what I drew, it jams everything together so tabs don’t work as well.

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Oops, I didn’t look closely enough. Sorry about that. I’ll defer to @rodovich then…

Very excited about this feature, as soon as the bugs are worked out. I have some part that I will need multiples of.

I do have one question. I think I know the answer to this, but let’s say I have a triangle shape, will the replicator function turn the shape to fit as many as possible? If you put triangles side by side and you won’t get as many if you turned every other on up side down.

I agree with angus wholly. This would be awesome if there was a height spacing and width spacing.

Absolutely necessary, and would make the app into a very useful and formidable tool. I’ve used Easel to lay out a few hole grids in the past, and it’s just about the most frustrating task you can imagine. A simple (says the non-programmer :smiley: ) input box for the number of replicated objects along the X/Y axes, as well as specifying the spacing, would be an amazing addition. Going one step further, being able to set the spacing based on a corner or the center of the element (as you can with the Position radio buttons in the Shape dialogue) would also be pretty awesome.

I’ve actually put together a “Grid of Holes” app (not public). X and y count plus diameter and spacing. Needs more work.

Kind of unnecessary now with the replicator app, but maybe I’ll look at adding spacing unless you guys are already working on it?



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That’s beautiful. I would use that every day, no joke. :slight_smile:

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Hi @BillArnold,

Currently, the app does not preserve cut settings of the original selection, but I agree that it ought to.

Cut settings aren’t made available to Easel apps yet. We’re still in the early stages of building the Easel app “platform”, and we’re working on figuring out how we want to have Easel and apps to talk to one another. Cut settings are definitely going to be a part of that.

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Like I’ve already discussed with Jeff, I think if the apps had access to more information from the main Easel app, they would be much more useful.

Stuff like units selected, milling bit size, workpiece size etc.

I would also like to see mini apps in the Carve process too, I.e. Post processing on the generated gcode before the job starts. This would make running lasers, drag knifes etc. all possible too. We will get there. :smile:



Are these Apps available to everyone? When I hover over them I can’t access them. I get the circle icon with the line through it.


The barring symbol means that you haven’t selected a feature. Some apps require you have a feature selected first (which they’ll act upon) and some don’t.

Could probably do with a better symbol or a textual tooltip or similar.



Thanks Ian, I clicked on the star icon and left it highlighted and then tried to replicate it and it just clocks with a scroll bar saying “Loading SVG Objects” and nothing after that.

Really? You clicked the star icon on the toolbar which placed a star on your 2D view, which was selected, then you clicked the app?

I’ll get on my PC in a bit and I’ll try it.

Ahh, I see what might be the issue.

If you select your star, click the replicator app and just hit import, you get nothing.

But if you move any of the sliders, it should give you a preview within the app and then when you click Import, it should place them into your 2D drawing and close the app. I don’t think the app creates any SVG content until you move any of the controls.

If that doesn’t work, please post a comment with operating system, browser and browser version.

will do, but have to wait till I get home from work. seems work always gets in the way of fun.

thanks for all the input

That was a bug. We fixed it today.

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