New to CNC - Basic Questions

I just ordered the X-Carve without the Waste Board, like others I just couldn’t justify the shipping. Can the Waste board hardware be ordered separately?

Also, what’s a good source for ordering G10 plastic?

I’ve also read a few replies on threads that mention some sort of x-Carve table showcase but I can’t find that thread?


Welcome to the club!

  1. Wasteboard hardware:
    a. 144 threaded inserts, 2 bags of part #30517-01
    b. 14 pre assembly insertion nuts, 2 bags of part#25281-08
    c. 14 Button Head Screws M5 x 20, 2 bags of part #25286-15

  2. No idea on G10 plastic

  3. Workspace Showcase:
    X-Carve Workspace Showcase

For the G10 fiberglass board look for a plastics supply house in your area.

For almost any material I’d be tempted to run for McMaster. Not always the cheapest, but they will have more or less anything you want, and they’re rock-solid.

Thanks everyone for the welcome and information.

I know very little about CNC and the X-Carve, but we’re spending a fortune prototyping drone parts with the local machine shops I thought we’d give this a try.

I’m actually looking forward to making this work.

If you are prototyping you could use just about any plastic you can get in the right thickness. You can check you fit and finish and even fly it. If you crash the prototype your not out a whole lot of money if the frame does not survive and you can cut a replacement in no time.


Sounds REALLY cool, Chuck! If you need any help, give me a shout. I love flying FPV, and I am almost competent with my X-carve! :smiley:

I have been getting TONS of work here locally with quad-copter FPV milling jobs. It is to the point that I have BOTH the XC and the OKO 2 running jobs on weekends to keep up. I would suggest looking into diamond COATED end mills if you are going to be milling in carbon fiber or tons of fiberglass. Your end mills will last much longer and you will not have to check and adjust for wear as often. Milling carbon fiber or fiberglass can be a nasty undertaking. I would HIGHLY suggest making sure your mill is enclosed and that you have a good vacuum system with above average filtering. Nitrile gloves are also highly suggested when working in carbon fiber. Carbon and fiberglass milling dust is not a fun thing to play with and I would urge due caution and enclosing everything if you are able. It really will be a huge help if you will be doing lots of this sort of milling in these materials.

The FPV racer guys are fun guys to work with and mad crazy about their hobby which is cool. Most of the work I do is custom work for guys and they are super hush hush about designs and such. Living in a town full of DOD and NASA engineers is lots of fun (married to one). These guys love their toys and are always striving for the edge over each other.

Good luck on the drones and try to not get complacent on dust management as it will bite you hard. Watch your Z axis nut also. Carbon fiber dust can do a number of it is you do not keep it cleaned.

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Did you cover the world series.

As odd as it sounds… Thankfully no. After 20+ years of covering pretty much every sport there is (save for not much snow related stuff) as a staff sports photographer at a major daily paper, I am not shooting as much since we moved to Huntsville, AL. and Marshall Space Flight Center (wife is NASA engineer). I have one client I shoot for who keeps me on the road most weekends 3/4 of the year. But I no longer shoot the big boy games like the super bowl, NBA all star game or play offs and such. I did for years in Houston and around the country, but I am enjoying a much slower change of pace now. I guess not being a sports fan, but being a full time sports photographer for 20+ years sort of makes you enjoy the slow pace for a bit. These days I hardly touch a camera aside from the weekends out of town. Still love photography, but never been of of those guys who has to have a camera in hand 24/7. Still love flying every weekend though. That part never gets old to me and love the travel. Just glad to not be shooting daily 24/7 any longer and able to do personal projects now.

I’m not a sports fan and the game was the best choice that night so we watched it.
I’ll bet Harvey got a good ■■■ chewing after the game.

Ariel, WA

Thanks. I don’t want to cut Carbon Fiber, just G10. Most of my multirotors are medium to heavy lift so I’m not as concerned about weight as the FPV guys, though I’m sure I’ll start building FPV racers for me an a few of our employees…

Is there a good resource for reading/learning about this sort of milling?

Just received our X-Carve, but I think the mill is on backorder…

This is cruel and unusual punishment

That does seem rather gratuitously evil. lol

That’s crazy though…you ordered the X-carve 3 days ago and got it today (minus the spindle of course)!

it took longer than three days, that’s just when I posted, but not much and certainly faster than I expected. Very nice.

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