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New Toolpath Architecture

Hey everyone,

This topic is for anyone testing out the new toolpath architecture to leave their feedback or discuss it in general.

For your reference, the instructions for enabling the toolpath architecture are below.

Most of the features in this release are invisible, making the code easier to extend and build on in the future. But their are some features you will be interested in:

Better safety height logic: Easel will try to raise up the bit the minimum required amount knowing what has already been carved. This is particularly good for carving tabs.
Travel direction while carving a shape with tabs is kept constant, no more reversing.
Better detail pass behavior when using the two-stage cut feature.

To enable the beta toolpath architecture, go to “Machine” -> “Advanced”. You’ll see a checkbox for enabling it. You’ll see a notice whenever it is enabled, so that if something goes wrong you can switch to the old architecture easily and see if the problem came from the beta toolpath architecture.

If you aren’t in the mood for experimenting with something new, no worries, you can leave it disabled and nothing will change for you.

Try out tabs in particular, they should be much faster!

Leave any feedback you have in this thread. Thanks so much for helping us!


Working great so far. One thing i’ve noticed is that the toolpath follows the order the objects were inserted into easel, rather than following any kind of optimised path. I think this may have been the case before the I started using the new toolpath architecture but is perhaps something to put in the pipeline?

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Has worked great for me! Tabs are quick and my cut edge quality has increase a lot! Good work guys!


Definitely sounds like an area we can improve on, I’ll share your feedback with the team!

Great to hear!

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This was how the old architecture worked, too. I talked with @Ruwan and it’s on our TODO list! (classic traveling salesman problem)


I have noticed that the tool paths seem very erratic with a lot of extra travel. As an example I do a piece where the x-carve drills 49 holes on a square. 7 columns 7 rows. It used to start at the bottom left and then go up each row and then come back to the bottom and start the next column. This seemed fairly efficient to me. With the beta, however, it is cutting the holes completely randomly jumping around all over the place, which adds a lot of back and forth travel.

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@JosephCompton, how did you create hole pattern? Did you import a svg? If possible could you share the project please?

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It’s just holes generated with Easel and using the replicator app, and I’ve used the same project many times before with a more successful tool path. Here’s a photo.

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This isn’t a huge deal but I do think it is increasing cut time, so I thought I would mention it. I am seeing this excessive travel in all of my other projects as well it’s just not as apparent as in this sort of cut.


@JosephCompton, Thanks for letting us know. Yes, this is still a TODO for new toolpath architecture.

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@JosephCompton we pushed out an update a little while ago that should help with the ordering. Can you try again on your project and let us know if its more along the lines of what you’re expecting?


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Sure, I’ll have a look at the project.

Just now I did notice another interesting thing. I’m doing a fill cut and every so often the router jumps suddenly, moving very quickly for a moment, and then goes back to normal.

I may just need to reload Easel, but I thought I would mention it in case any one else is seeing this.

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Another good fix!

The tool paths looked good on that project and others that cut today. Thanks!


Just now I did notice another interesting thing. I’m doing a fill cut and every so often the router jumps suddenly, moving very quickly for a moment, and then goes back to normal.

@JosephCompton, please let us know if you experience this again, we submitted a fix.

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Wow! You did not just address the problem you squashed it! Nice work much better


Ran this in beta and forgot I was on my 1/8th bit setting but ran my 1/16th bit at


Dont know if I will do this regularly but it sure was zippy!


did some test (yep some stupid test just to try and share some results…)

i make a circle, replicate with replicator add

normal toolpath :

Beta toolpath:

BUT !!!
beta toolpath with all circle “combined”

i found the result funny between combined and not combined

BTW : the estimate time is reduced at 9min (with beta toolpath)
(15min with normal toolpath)
tha’ts great !

i found where we gain some time ! grats !

wow with a 45° rotation the toolpath (normal and beta) dont like it xD


Thanks for the feedback!

Given all cuts are equal (like in your grid of holes) we default to a left-right carve order. We’ll probably optimize this further at some point!

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yep the left right carve order will be a great update (wait and see ^^)
doing it like this will be beter (woot gain 0.5sec LOL )

but yup
beta toolpath dont like dots xD

i have force disposing my dots like that juste to try… (whithout replicator) like this :
5 6
3 4
1 2
but “combine” can solve this problem

not sure if my tests are usefull… (sorry if not)
will it be possible to make it “calculate” the closer carve ?
or “go to” the closer carve

well finaly after that message i think its a bit stupid looking a that (my dots…) the aerial toolpath are juste a miminum time in a carve… well…
i will investigate the toolpath in “complex” carve, and the toolpath INSIDE the material…


With the new toolpath architecture, I’ve noticed that my safety height is ignored except at the start and end of the code. Without the new toolpath architecture, I retract to safety height for every non-cutting xy travel. With new toolpath architecture it only retracts back to Z0.000. I would anticipate some unintentional drags across parts of the stock.

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