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New Triquetra Tool Box Software coming soon

I have been working tirelessly on a new software package for the Triquetra Auto Zero Touch Plate. It is still in Beta Testing for now but should be released in the very near future. Here is a teaser video:

I’m looking for a Beta Tester that runs Windows XP, Windows, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Triquetrta CNC


Looks good Charley… you may just get my money yet!!! :slight_smile:

Charley I haven’t had a good run with the software. I am going to see if I can work with it tomorrow.
I have a few things I have to do for clients.
I did notice that my Z axis is out of tolerance. I will fix that then do some more testing and get you a report.
Sorry for any delay. I only get weekends to work with the Xcarve till I get a house. I am working hard on that.

Very nice

Thanks Stephen,

I have upgraded your Triquetra User Page access. On the website look under the Triquetra User Page link and there is a new link added for Beta Testers. You can use that to access the files for the program and leave your comments. Thanks for the help you have already given.


Thanks Curtis,

I am really trying to make the Triquetra better than ever.


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I hate when I do that!!!

Well my Gshield just went bad.
The Z axis is making grinding noises.
I switched from the X to the Z with the steppers and I get the same thing.
I am going to be down for a while till I can fix it.

I feel your pain brother!!!

My Shop PC just died today. Went to power it up and all I got was very faint beeps from the pc.

Working on saddling up another pc now!!

(That’s what we do here in Texas)

Having already tested your new software, in my humble opinion, it will be hard for you to make it any better!

I like the look of the new layout, Looks much cleaner.

Sounds awesome. When will this be ready?

Oh but I have!!!
Video to be uploaded as soon as I fix another typo. Darn it!!!

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Here it is


Looks good Charley!!

Congratulations, Charley.
Very nicely done.

Having some problems. I use UGS and Vcarve. I have tried homing then use the Triquera and sequence works fine. Then load file to cut and router heads and smashes z switch, I have also tried zeroing the X,Y,Z at the corner of work and the loading the Triquetra sequence with the same results when loading the cutting file. I have got it to work somtimes but I don’t know what I do different when it works, I should video my life and play it back maybe :grinning:

Here is the Triquetra txt file

The file is correct. The only thing you are doing that I don’t is homing. Perhaps you should give it a try without homing your machine. There is nothing in the file that would cause what you are describing. Once the file has run and ended it is finished. Your machine is not waiting for any more input from it. With Aspire there is a post processor configuration file that is loaded that sets the parameters for the X Carve. Since V-Carve and Aspire are made by Vetric there may be on for it as well. The Aspire file is on the Inventables web site for download.

You aren’t hitting the Return to Zero button in UGS are you. That will do what you are describing after running the zeroing g-code. That button sends you spindle to Machine position zero. The auto zero code sets Work Position Zero.

My first thought is to try it without homing though.

I am using the xcarve vcarve post processor. No I am no hitting the return to zero. Will try without homing. Also I just move machine to close to my 0,0,0 position on work piece reset my x, y, Z and post processor works fine.