New X-Carve on

Looks like the guys at Inventables showed a cool new layout for the X-Carve at the Maker Faire, Me like. :grinning: Any info @Zach_Kaplan


It looks like they’ve extended the front and back cross rails and bolted a new MDF panel to that and then the X-Controller to that. That doesn’t interest me because I’ve just built a new workbench where the X-Controller sits below to minimize shop footprint. The X cable guide looks different somehow and nice and straight, don’t know if something changed there but it would be nice. So yes, the most exciting thing would be a stiffer X gantry.

After doing some photo analysis (AKA ZOOMING IN) the x axis appears to be box tube extrusion with provisions for the v wheels.

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Send me one of them rails Ill test it. I love pushing limits of this machine.
lol j/k but really send me one.:grinning:

Yes it is different X rail, but same thin Y plates. X axis belt heat shrinked way too much, stops axis before reaching to home switch. Also there is no Y axis belts installed. Looks like preperation in hurry.
Those Y plates must be reworked. That is the weak point. Can’t keep it paralel.
Must be re-align every after power off.
Even Belt holders are the same, buyer must come-up with idea to keep it tight.
One think sure, good introduction for X-Controller, better X rail and Dewalt is the default now.
BUT… No other improvement since first production.
I’m not criticizing, but you must take a lesson from forum discussions Zach.
This show machine supposes to be the best production possible.
Disappointment level 1 to 10 = 7.
So, I missed the spot. Level is 5. :flushed:

@AlanDavis you might want to zoom in

Those Y axis plates do look different to me.

This is like CSI Miami X-Carve edition.


@PhilJohnson there are so many people on this forum that have given feedback, helped others, and in general had a good time with us. I think we need to do something to celebrate all that when the time is right. What kind of ideas other than giving discounts do you have that would help build the community and be fun for everyone?


I know you were kidding but I was serious…what ideas do you have?

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I’d settle for a Linux version of Easel :grinning:

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I can’t confirm a new product launch or any time lines but I will say if we launch something new then we will be making available upgrades for people who have one of our machines so nobody gets left behind.


of course as i just bought and finished assembling mine :sob:

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If there was a new product launch would there be an upgrade for Shapeoko 2 users as well?

@MatthewColeman if there was a new product launch there wouldn’t be an upgrade kit from SO2. You’d have two options:

  1. Order parts you want separately and upgrade selectively

  2. Upgrade from SO2->X-Carve -> new X-Carve

If there was a new product launch we would have support to upgrade from the current X-Carve to the new X-Carve.

At some point it is more cost efficient to get the new one rather than spending money to upgrade twice.

So this machine, that may or may not be released, would it be around the same price as the x-carve? The reason I ask is I plan on ordering mine in the next 2 weeks and am wondering now if it would be better to wait to order.

This is awesome! How did I miss this post!

I’d have to say Inventables is really good to their customers so that being said, I’m sure you’ll have some great upgrade incentives. Maybe some giveaways :wink: :wink: or beta testers ;););).

I find it’s nice to have people who are familiar with the product on the forums here, so if there were some upgrade kits / new X-Carves out in the wild prior to the initial release, that would be super helpful for others who come to the forum for help!

Keep up the good work! Say thanks to the whole team for us!


Here is an idea. How about sending an evaluation unit to one of us (maybe even me) for evaluation, when the new system is ready. Not to the same people you have already sent it to, but to a new group of evaluators.[quote=“BrianSaban, post:1, topic:24059, full:true”]
Looks like the guys at Inventables showed a cool new layout for the X-Carve at the Maker Faire, Me like. :grinning: Any info @Zach_Kaplan


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Not “quite” related to this, but there was another thread where @Zach_Kaplan had asked for ideas around special events or items for those of us who’ve had XCarve’s for awhile now… Most aren’t in the Chicago area, and I don’t think he wanted to just go with the $100 gift cert…

I can’t find that thread this morning, but I was just thinking, wouldn’t it be nice if there was some sort of “Premium” part(s) that Zach made available only to the XCarve alumni, it wouldn’t have to be anything fancy, could be as simple as a “Founding Member” sticker for the X axis makerslide, or a “members only” Z axis motor cover, or a led light kit or something.

Hell, even a “challenge coin” for XCarve alumni. We’ve all got the tool to make one, and it’s easy to find aluminum coin blanks, we should have a contest to come up with a challenge coin design!