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@JustinBusby now I’m confused. I’m going to send this message internally and try to understand the difference.

Sorry about that.

The were schedulers to begin shipping the “week of the 12th”.

Hi @JustinBusby and @CurtisCummings

First off I’m really sorry for the confusion. I did some investigation and figured out what is going on. We have X-Controllers coming from two sources. We did indeed get one small batch in but engineering is building a test fixture to test a certain % of the batch this week and if we get passing results we will be able to ship the first 50-60 starting next week. They passed the first 10 and those will ship out.

We are still trying to get a firm ETA on the second vendor. So when I was told “we’re on schedule” they weren’t talking about what they promised you or what I thought they were talking about they were talking about the second supplier. I was confused this is 100% my fault.

We’re making progress but now I’m frustrated and I want to get more answers so we can put out a more accurate official statement to set expectations correctly.


Thanks for the update Zach. I was expecting mine to be shipped week commencing 12th but it isnt an issue for me. I understand the problems that you guys have had over this and I think you have been extremely generous in compensating those who are waiting. I would much rather receive a well made and tested product than a rushed one, and i would much rather deal with a company that tries its best for its customers than some others who would have just cancelled orders and given up on them. Hopefully you can all de-stress soon!


So… I was told my pre-order machine would likely ship the week of the 19th or week of the 26th at the latest. I ordered the first day pre-order went live. I’m gonna be using the machine for prototyping so I can get actual product samples to customers instead of drawings. I told a couple people they would have samples late week of Oct 3. Do I need to push that back?

Totally agree with @PhilLaidler here.
While I’m incredibly excited to get my XCarve (also my first CNC!) I respect and understand the complications of pre-order release. In fact, how @Zach_Kaplan and the team at Inventables is open and honest with us customers, is the main reason I chose an XCarve in the first place. I like to reward great customer service with my purchases.

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I don’t know how many preorders they have on the x-controller but as mine was ordered last week of May i would suspect that it would be optimistic to expect it next week for a recent order. May be wrong though - I dont know how many machines they are expecting.

Hi Guys,

I just got word that an additional 100 more will be arriving tomorrow. These were tested at the factory but we have decided we need to verify the tests before shipping out. We don’t want to ship out units that could have issues.

In terms of exact dates and number of orders at this point I don’t have enough information to recalculate the exact numbers. There are a lot of pre-orders but what really matters is where you are in line because we are shipping them out in the order they were purchased. We have a LOT more on the way as well so once it starts the pace should accelerate.

When we have them in hand and tested and have a firm number on how many can ship out in what timeframe and when the next batch will arrive we’ll be able to update everyone with firm dates because it will be under our roof and our control. I asked the head of Customer Success to recalculate the estimates and he refused until they are under our roof and engineering gives the green light because he doesn’t feel confident giving a schedule until he can control it. The Warehouse team used this time to get set up so the process should move very efficiently. Also for people who bought X-Carves they have been pre-kitting as well.

I hope by the end of this week we should be able to provide a more reasonable update and some people may start getting tracking numbers.


Awesome Zach! Thanks for the update!

Hey Zach,

I know you guy’s must be extremely busy preparing to ship the best X-Carve possible to us, but I was wondering if you could share any updates with us? Even the smallest of updates would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!

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X-Carve started shipping on Friday! Next week will be a huge week of shipments too!


@BlakeIngramDesign Just got my order confirmation!
“Items from your Inventables order have shipped”

Santa is coming early this year!

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Ho Ho Ho


It’s here! Showed up last night, almost called in “sick” today just to put it together and play! Very nice packaging @Zach_Kaplan and team. THANK YOU!


Looking good!

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