New X-Carve on

Man, can’t wait to get that email that says “Your new X-Carve has shipped”!!!

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How are they different from the previous version? Got a pic?

Didnt know there was an older version.

This it the belt clip I got
Is this belt sleeve the only thing that’s new?

Yeah what he said ^^^^^^^^^:grinning:


Now time to stop production, start disassemble/reassemble again. Your machine will fly someday I’m sure. :smile:

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Oh boy! So much suspense. Now waiting for the package to get to New Zealand and clear customs.

Anyone had the upgrade kit ship yet or is it just the upgraded MakerSlide?

No sir. Still waiting on the controller I think

I had the MakerSlide only ship today, not the X-controller yet.
Others posted the same as me in a other post.

I’m feeling like the last kid picked for t-ball

Production is in process but we are waiting on the X-Controllers.

I thought as much. How are they coming?

I’m told they are on schedule. :hushed:


Woot!!! WOOT!!!

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Any update on being able to buy the new cable harness, drag chain assembly, and eccentric spacers as parts kits? That’s actually the exciting stuff for those of us who already had an X-Controller (in addition to the stiffer X axis and Z probe).

They are working on it.

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XControllers on schedule for end of month or on schedule per the email for those that were waiting?

I read that and my question is still valid and not answered by that response or else I wouldn’t have posted. There are two potential schedules, one publicly stated for the upgrade kit and one sent via email to those who previously purchased an Xcontroller and have been waiting.

An email was sent out to those waiting on XControllers with an estimated time period for shipping a few weeks ago. For the first date range (my range) that shipping estimate was last week. I’ve asked a few others and no notification had been sent to them either but we’ve also not been given an updated shipping schedule so the only schedule in my eyes was having it shipped last week but then seeing his comments about being on schedule made me do a double take. So, I simply asked a clarifying question hoping to get clarification from Inventables directly.

Inventables has been AWESOME at handling this whole situation and I can’t complain with their level of customer service. I just happened to see Zachs response around 30m after he posted it and hoped I could catch him while he was on the forums.