New X-Carve Owner

Hey Inventables Forum!!

Hope I posted this is the right spot but just wanted to introduce myself, my name is Jake and recently bought and built my 1000mm x-carve.

Ive been silently stalking the forums to learn ahead of the build, and of course during the build and with my first few carves. I also want to say what a great place this forum has been, every time ive ran into a problem, ive been able to come and here and either find the answer or find something to point in the right direction.

So just wanted to stop and say hey and will be on here quite a bit as i get more in depth to this machine. But for now will post a picture of the x-carve built and one of my first cuts.

Thanks and see you around the forum!


Welcome and great job.

Thanks Wayne!!

Looks real good for your first carve.

Thanks again. It does have a little mishap, i didnt use my z probe to home for the detail run so it cut just a bit deeper than the rough run. But now i know better lol.

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@JacobPegg. Welcome to the forum and congratulations. Your first project looks great

Thank you sir, I appreciate it!

Very nice piece of work.
I look forward to seeing more of your work.

Thank you! I appreciate that and look forward to posting more!

good start more fun to come!

Thanks and thats for sure!

Welcome!! I am a new Xcarve owner about 2 months still working with it and alot to learn love the machine I have the 750 mm Xcarve also the people the are very nice to talk to and work with I want to get the 1000mm Xcarve in the close future my students want to learn this new CNC work , I agree the wood signs and carving is starting to die out in the Northeast and going to Vinly [which it does not last as lolng] I do vinyl its cheaper , but with this new CNC machine I can do for the same price and looks better i will offer 3D images I like it very much

Nice first carve, the x carve is a awesome machine, I also have the 1000mm.
Welcome to the forum, you can bet if your stuck, and in need of help, you’ll get the help on here.

Welcome to you as well! It’s gonna be a fun adventure learning this machine. Its funny, im doing the reverse, i came from putting vinyl on signs to now going to engrave.

Thanks Colin! So glad i went with the 1000. Yeah it seems as if any info you ever need is right here!

Just wanted to post a picture of the finished sign.


Welcome and very nice family carve! This is a great place to hang out and learn/share.

That came out great, if you’d like to add color in the future, use a vinyl masking roll first and cut out sign. Then spray paint any colors you want.


Armando that looks awesome!!! I’ll have to try the masking because i really wanted to paint the trees green, but was just filling in with a small paint brush.

Thanks Drew!